Why don’t you say “ Krishna lifted Goverdhan hill when he was just 7”?

Why don’t you say “ Krishna lifted Goverdhan hill when he was just 7”?
We find many peoples saying that Krishna was always behind the girls and women. He was always behind Gopis and they eventually draw conclusion that Krishna is a playboy. Rounding myself around this point I started to collect more details about Krishna’s pastimes ( leelas).
Here are the list of some important pastimes of Krishna :
·         Krishna’s appearance : During his appearance on this earth he had shown his four handed form ( Vishnu form) to his parents. Which is not ordinary thing. No one can show that except God.
·         Killing of demons by Krishna : Krishna Killed demons like Putana, Sakatasura, Trinavarta, Vatsasura, Bakasura, Aghasura etc. who were too powerful  during his childhood. No child can even think to defeat and kill those powerful demons.
·         Lifting of Goverdhan hill : Krishna lifted the Goverdhan hill by his forefinger to save the inhabitants of Vrindavan when he was just the child of seven.
·         Krishna showed whole universe inside his mouth : Krishna showed the entire universe inside his mouth to mother Yasoda . Can any one  do that?
·         Krishna could bring back the dead son of his spiritual master alive after a year. Can any one do so?
·         Krishna showed his universal form in the battlefield of Kurukshetra before Arjuna.
Thus , diving deep inside Krishna’s pastimes I was searching the truth. Why people don’t see other past times and only forward his pastime with Gopis? The pastime with Gopis was transcendental but why people compare that with worldly love life i.e boyfriend and girlfriend of the material world. Why are people giving non-sense  interpretation on this topics? Why? I was questioning myself. At the same time I saw the clear picture. The only reason why some people compare in this way is the result of  their enviousness with Krishna. They can not become Krishna nor they can do what Krishna did and does . Eventually they want to drag Krishna low. They want to show that Krishna is not God but a playboy by doing this. Isn’t it the result of their enviousness? If not why don’t they say that Krishna lifted Goverdhan hill when he was just seven. Why don’t you say “ Krishna lifted Goverdhan hill when he was just 7”? Why???


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