Hinduism : Faith or religion?

Hinduism : Faith or religion????
It is said that Hinduism is the world’s oldest religion  with no date back history. Some people say that Hinduism , Christianity, Buddhism  etc. to whom people call Religions are not actually religion but the Faiths. Of course they exercise religion but more or less they are Faiths and different platform of faith. Finally some people who call themselves non-sectarian call all those different religions concepts are actually the concepts of different faith but not religion. Religion is only one of all. One’s religion is never changed just like a universal truth is truth for ever. Science is for all not for only limited peoples. Similarly one’s  spiritual constitutional position and duty is our religion. We are actually the servant and God is our master and loving service for lord is our eternal religion. No one can change this eternal religion but faith can be changed. It is basic and widely accepted concept of religion and is so defined by Vedic scriptures.
A Hindu can change faith and become Christian tomorrow. Similarly a Christian can change his/her faith and become Hindu . It is seen happening nowadays. Peoples are changing their identity . Similar happens with Buddhist, Muslims or other but actually their faith changes not the constitutional position. Our nature for drinking water when thirsty never changes and our nature for eating food when hungry never changes. Our search for true love and happiness does not changes with the change of faith. Since our nature never changes the religion also remains unchanged. This is the conception of unchangeable religion.
Hinduism is based on Vedic tradition as known to all. Hinduism without Vedic scriptures has no existence or no meaning. But Vedic scriptures never mention the word “Hindu” . Hindu is the word given to the peoples living in the other side of river ‘Sindhu’ by Muslim . Muslim , due to their problems in pronounciation called Sindhu the Hindu and it is now known as Hindu religion. Actually peoples in Indian subcontinents were the followers of eternal religion called Sanatana Dharma. They were given the name of Hindu by some Muslim people. Thus , we understand that the actual oldest religion with no date back history is Sanatana Dharma not the Hinduism. It is called eternal religion. Eternal religion is not only for Hindu .It is also the religion of Christian or Muslim or other but for all. This conception shows that Hinduism is the faith not the religion but actual religion is eternal religion called ‘Sanatana Dharma” also called Varnashram Dharma.  Four spiritual divisions and four social division can be seen in every faith groups. That means it is common for all .


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