Correcting spiritual dilemma

Look at your spiritual capacity first
When you become physically sick you go to physician . Do you make your complicated treatment yourself ? Certainly not. Unless you visit the appropriate physician it is impossible for curing your disease. The physician is one who knows the subject matter and its application in the depth . Furthermore , the person can not act as a physician unless he has got approved certificate.
Similarly when you want to learn science you go to science teacher. Do you experiment and study without the aid of science teacher? Certainly not. You approach the master of science and learn science from him. You can not just rely on your feelings, belief and thoughts.
Not only these two cases but we go to respective specialist for respective subject matter. Our imitation does not work. But due to the covering of illusion called Maya every one of us feel ourselves as spiritual specialist. We imitate ourselves as very learn spiritualist, isn’t it? We even start to teach spirituality to others. It is bitter truth. Actually , spirituality is not that much surfacial . It is far deep than our imagination. Actually we don’t know the most basic elements of spirituality still we declare ourselves as the spiritual specialist. Please look at yourself before doing so. It is the most basic mistake of modern civilization. We are infected with this type of illusion disease . To heal this disease we have to go to spiritual specialist.
Actually , everyone is not spiritual specialists i.e. spiritual scientists. In fact number of spiritual specialist is very less. We have to recognize spiritual specialists by checking his spiritual quality and qualification. Spiritual specialist is possible in authentic disciplic  line. Finally we have to go with that spiritual specialist. Only then present condition of spiritual dilemma can be corrected.


  1. In Africa when they were building an hospital, and the people say to the witch doctors now you are loosing your income, no say's the witch doctors the doctors in the hospital don't cure the patients but God


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