Who is Actual Guru?

Who is Actual Guru?

In worldly view ‘guru’ is one who teaches someone the something. Students in the school call their respective subject teacher their respective subject Guru because they learn something about that subject from him/her. If someone teaches about sport then he is called sport teacher (Guru) and if someone teaches about music he is given the title Music teacher (Guru) . While giving such title the word ‘Guru’ has been very cheap nowadays. Guru is not a ordinary word. Mundane interpretation has misjudged the word ‘Guru’.

Guru is the Sanskrit word which means Genuine Spiritual Master. Spiritual master is regarded as important as the God. Spiritual master is one who gives real knowledge and makes disciple realized . Everybody can not be spiritual master (guru) unless having some special qualities and qualification. Cheater can not be a guru. Nowadays , we can find many pseudo- guru who themselves are not realized soul and are under the control of illusory energy. But actual guru is one who has following qualities and qualifications:
1 . An actual guru is one who has heard or received perfect knowledge through disciplic succession (parampara). SB 7.5.31
2. An actual guru is invested with the special potency of lord. So, he can change the character of his disciples.( A spiritual master is recognized as an actual guru when it is seen that he has changed the character of his disciples.- Chaitanya Charitamrta )
3. An actual guru is one who never teaches non-sense but only teaches about absolute truth.
4. An actual guru should have no other business than just serving God.
5. Guru does not manufacture his own but propagates the message received from his Guru as it is .
6. Guru is realized soul who works as a boat to save the person drowning in the ocean of material existence and takes him/her back home to Godhead.
We see many genuine spiritual teachers both in east and west. There are spiritual masters like Ved vyas , Srila Prabhupada and so on in the east and Jesus is the best example of real Guru in the west. We have to approach the actual Guru but not the pseudo one. Our respectful obeisance to all genuine gurus.
All All glories to Sri Guru and Gauranga!!!!


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