Actual Deadly Poison

Actual Deadly Poison
You may be confused that I am speaking of poisons like Potassium Cyanide (KCN) or Halaahal poison (drank by lord Shiva) nor Hemlet or other but I mean to say that Bad Association is even more deadly poisonous than the most powerful poison. So, one should be careful not to have the interconnection of Bad Association.
Two years ago, I met my childhood friend whom I had not met since last four years. He was somewhere away from us  for study purposes. Four years back when he used to live with us , he was the model example of guanine and disciplined person. He never touched intoxicating substances such as smoking , marijuana , alcohol and other drugs. Rather he used to aware other people to be away from intoxication. His explanation was heart touching. His progress report in education was really a good example of  success. We were envious of his success. Our parents used to scold us for our condition by giving his example. After finishing school level education he entered big city ( Kathmandu ) for higher study. We started to study in our place but he entered Kathmandu. From time to time I used to hear about his progress in Kathmandu as well. But when I met him last time I was shocked. I had never imagined him to be so. He was found drunkard. He was really a heavy drunkard then. I found him in a busy street of Kathmandu where he was with some naughty girls. He was become mad with those girls . I was guessing that he had become the real playboy. He did not talk with me. I knew from his other friends that he was caught by AIDS. After hearing that I did not intend anymore to know. It was already more than sufficient.
Then I returned to my room. It was already late . I went to my bed and tried to sleep but I couldn’t. Every time I remembered him. How could that be possible? Four years back who was example of honesty and discipline is now the example of worst one. How is it possible? I was questioning myself. I started to analyze the fact. Four year back he was in good association of his family and villagers. His family members were religious and moral too. They used to co-operate with each other. They were focused in the morality of each other. Meanwhile good association of family members was plus point. He used to read scriptures and other good books. Because of good association , his behavior was good.
When he entered Kathmandu , he was alone. He shared a room with a friend of his college. That friend was very uncivilized with sufficient background for bad association . In fact that friend was already a playboy with the deep rooted addiction of illicit relationship and drugs. While time passed seconds after seconds effects were eventually transferred towards my friend. Then he started to use intoxications like alcohol and drugs. He also started to have illicit relation with other . As a result , he totally changed. Example of morality eventually converted to the example of worst one. It is due to bad association.
I was analyzing the fact in this ways. I was remembering the teaching of scriptures and senior persons to make this conclusion. Finally I was convinced that bad association is more deadly than the most deadly poison. So, we should be careful  otherwise our life also will be ruined.


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