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Really , our mind is polluted.

This is not the subject to make you convinced by other but you can be conceived yourself when you study your thoughts , feelings, desire and intension carefully. Our mind always centers its capacity around dirty subject matter. Whether it is the subject of illicit relation or cheating propensity our mind gives the first place for them and as a result those subject  matters are reflected in our behaviors.
We introduce ourselves to be very gentle person but have we ever questioned the same with our mind ever? We can not hide the truth with our heart. In fact heart itself is polluted due to our dirty thoughts and intension. We output some words from our mouth but we know that we are in reality not so.  When we see some beautiful ladies (or handsome boy ) our lust immediately dominates us. We are fond of reading similar literature. We are fond of watching similar visual subjects in media such as internet , television or other. Although we may maintain very sincere , disciplined and moral r…

Chanting the Holy Name is Only Hope

One may enter forest to meditate for spiritual achievement or may perform the large rituals they are not guaranteed in scriptures to attain the real benefit  but simple may be the process but chanting the holy name of God alone can give the highest spiritual achievement in this age of Kali. The present age of quarrel and hypocracy is regarded as the dark age of the entire civilization. Level exceeding sins, ignorance , carelessness and strong clutches of illusion has made this age the dark age. Every person is committing sin in various ways. Violence, murder, rape , cheating etc. are seen grown at alarming rate. Meanwhile technology  has been misused to create the devastating condition in the world. Science has pushed more and more toward the desert of hopelessness. People have identified their body to be their identiy. Entire civilization is no more than the bodily civilization. God, whom people believe to be the cause of every positive hopes have nowadays been forgotte…

Uncertainty of life

Once Yudhistir Maharaj answered the question asked by Yakshya ‘What is the most amazing fact in the world?’ He answered that every living entities who are embodied are sure to die one day but they never thinks (realize) that he will die one day. It means that every person behaves as if he is going to survive forever in that body. Actually this is no less than the mystery.  In one hand our life is too short and in other hand we behave as if we are never going to die.

Some days back there took a big bus accident near my place. Many people died. It was really the most painful event of the day. It was hard for us to believe so but that was the bitter truth which could not be denied by anyone and could not be reverted back. I was mentally asleep that night. Although I was trying hard to sleep but I couldn’t. The same fact was rounding the globe of my thought more and more.  Every time I close my eyes to sleep  the scene of the accident occupied my close eyes and raised the question. Meanwhi…

Allah is the father of Jesus who is playing flute in the forest of Vrindavan and playing with Gopis

Sometimes people raise the question, “Are you Hindu?” They not only raise the questions but they even conclude that we are Hindu as we talk of Krishna frequently in this blog. For their both questions and conclusion we only say that our concept is ‘Allah is the father of Jesus who is playing flute in the forest of Vrindavan and playing with Gopis ‘ and we request  you to determine whether we are Hindus, Buddhists, Muslim, Christian or other yourselves.                 We cannot deny that we talk of Krishna frequently and discuss about Krishna. Almost our every post mention Krishna in some parts and every posts talk of Krishna. Our understanding is that the name ‘Krishna’ is the name of the same God whom Christian calls Yahweh and whom Muslim calls Allah. Most of the Hindu people use the name ‘Krishna’ frequently. It may be due to the fact that Hinduism uses Vedas as the standard scriptural books and Vedas refer the name Krishna. It should also be understood that Vedas are the collectio…