Really , our mind is polluted.

This is not the subject to make you convinced by other but you can be conceived yourself when you study your thoughts , feelings, desire and intension carefully. Our mind always centers its capacity around dirty subject matter. Whether it is the subject of illicit relation or cheating propensity our mind gives the first place for them and as a result those subject  matters are reflected in our behaviors.
We introduce ourselves to be very gentle person but have we ever questioned the same with our mind ever? We can not hide the truth with our heart. In fact heart itself is polluted due to our dirty thoughts and intension. We output some words from our mouth but we know that we are in reality not so.  When we see some beautiful ladies (or handsome boy ) our lust immediately dominates us. We are fond of reading similar literature. We are fond of watching similar visual subjects in media such as internet , television or other. Although we may maintain very sincere , disciplined and moral relationship with someone outwardly but our inner eye is sure to look at another dimension and most probably the vision of lust , greed and ego.
Nobody of us can deny that our mind is polluted. Bad things have dominated over our good thoughts. When bad thoughts occupy our mind our destination surely  becomes the bad. We go more and more degraded. As a result we take low birth after our death. We waste our millions and million lifetime in just the cycle of painful birth and death. Thus , we have to be careful to clean our polluted mind. As our polluted body can be washed by clean water our polluted mind can be cleansed by sincere chanting of God’s name. Thus we have to chant the prescribed names of God sincerely and regularly.  THE ONLY SOLUTION FOR OUR POLLUTED MIND.


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