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What is our Actual Identity? Are we body or soul?

(Here is proof)
Everyone is thinking 'my this my that, my body' but who actually is that I? May be I were confused who that I is but I was pretty sure that I is speaking from inside. I am also sure that that I is same in me now as was in my childhood and experience shows that that I feeling is always the same. This means that I is not the subject to any change but remains unchanged but my body is always changing . The body to whom I thought I am in my childhood is not with me now and this present body is sure to be finished one day. Thinking in this way I was sure that I am not the one that is changing . That one which finishes with time is not me because that 'I 'seen through experience always remains the same. If it remains same since childhood body to youth body and youth body to old age body then it must be unchanged with our bodily death. Thus that is actually my identity. Thinking in this way I was quite sure that I m not this body but th…

Why Hare Krishna mantra is the best of all?

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare This mantra is regarded best. Why? Its proof is here. Hare Krishna mantra is regarded as Mahamantra. Hare Krishna means addressing the God and his potency with love. Hare Krishna mahamantra is regarded as the root of spiritual tree. In other way it is not possible to water every leaves ,stem and other for the purpose of growth of tree but when watering is done in the root  whole tree gets water and grows nicely. Similarly when Hare Krishna mahamantra is chanted regularly all spiritual benefits are automatically received. Thus it is more powerful than the combination of all other mantras

Scriptural Evidences of Hare Krishna Mahamantra 1.The Kali-santarana Upanishad, part of the Yajur Veda, states: Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare iti shodashakam namnamkali-kalmasha-nashanamnatah parataropayahsarva-vedeshu drishyate "The sixteen names of t…

Are scriptures the words of God?

Yes , scriptures are the words of the God. But how , its proof is here.
Firstly, it should be understood that unless one is supreme being and perfect in every way he can not be the God. If God is all perfect then his action, sense , works and everything should be perfect. It means that his words also must be perfect. It implies that his words should be always true. In other word our words can not be always true because we are imperfect. Thus we can examine scriptures in this basis. If scriptures are always true then it will hence be proved that they are the words of God otherwise not. We see that theories of science are the subject of changes. One scientist draws one conclussion and other forwards another theories to reject that. Thus they are not perfect. Meanwhile subjects of scriptures are beyond than such changes. They remain for ever and if we go on minutely examining these facts it will be known that they are true.If any facts are wrong they will be dissappear one day.But time s…

Are You Really Happy?

Think for a moment  to make the conclusion…….
Are you really happy? What does your heart says ,listen. With more and more technologies  and facilities , are you really getting happiness. You don’t have to walk to go from one place to another. Sophisticated vehicles will do it for you. You don’t have to work , machine will do it for you ; you don’t have to do anything yourself machines will do it for you. You just have to enjoy various televisions show, enjoy with internet, enjoy  with food , sex and so on. Still one question for you are you really happy? If you analyse this question seriously from heart  your heartfelt answer will be “No”. Why? Can you answer? If not I will explain why it happens. You bring a fish out of water. You put it in a house made up of gold. You give it luxurious things, car , computer, machines and make richer and richer. Will fish be happy? No , fish will not be happy . In fact it is impossible.Why? Only reason is that it is out of  water; i.e.out of its home…

Why Krishna is God not other?

(Here is proof)
 God means supreme being. Supreme being means he should be most powerful and most opulent. In another word God means he should be beyond all limitations and should be perfect in every way. If he is not so how can he be God. Since supreme being can be only one  there should not be any duality. Which means that there can be only one God not two. God is described as the creator of the world, protector of the world and finally the destroyer also. God is described as omnipresent and omnipotent being.
Who is Krishna? All the revealed scriptures say that Krishhna is God. Krishna pronounced as ˈ(kr̩ʂɳə) literally "dark, black, dark-blue Is described as supreme personality of Godhead in Vedic Scriptures which are oldest scriptures of the world. Krishna is the name of God according to the revealed scriptures. Revealed scripture says that his abode is Goloka Vrindavan which is located at topmost portion of the spiritual world where he performs various pastime with his intimates…

Show me God and prove that God exists

(Here Is proof)
Show me your God God is here. You have to get eye to see. Without getting an eye to see God how do you expect to see God

If God existed , we would be able to see him.  God exists but to see him you needs to be qualified. How do you expect to see electron in the atom without having scientific knowledge. You have to study science thoroughly from school, college , university or other. And someone who who knows science should guide you to see that electron exists. Similarly to see God you have to be qualified first and who has seen God should guide you first.

Without seeing we can not believe God; Have you ever seen your intelligence? Have you ever seen infrared present before you? Have you ever seen your consciousness? Still you believe that those things exists. At the same time you see water in desert but there is no water. Thus only seeing the things is not the proof actually. How unlimited God , you expect to see ,with your limited eyes. If you want to see God firstly you sh…