Show me God and prove that God exists

(Here Is proof)
 Show me your God
  • God is here. You have to get eye to see. Without getting an eye to see God how do you expect to see God

If God existed , we would be able to see him.
  •  God exists but to see him you needs to be qualified. How do you expect to see electron in the atom without having scientific knowledge. You have to study science thoroughly from school, college , university or other. And someone who who knows science should guide you to see that electron exists. Similarly to see God you have to be qualified first and who has seen God should guide you first.

 Without seeing we can not believe God;
  • Have you ever seen your intelligence? Have you ever seen infrared present before you? Have you ever seen your consciousness? Still you believe that those things exists. At the same time you see water in desert but there is no water. Thus only seeing the things is not the proof actually. How unlimited God , you expect to see ,with your limited eyes. If you want to see God firstly you should be invested with divine vision. Divine vision can be given to you by qualified being. God has given that power to his devotees. So you should sincerely get such divine vision from the devotees of lord; accepting bona fide person as the spiritual teacher. No other ways are there than doing this.


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