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Real Spiritual Blog

Real spiritual Blog
The blog whose words, ideas, method and purpose are spiritual is the real spiritual blog. Blog that can spiritualize the life of its readers is the need and the essence of present time. The articles that talk of spirituality in surface level cannot change the life of its readers. Spiritual articles should be natural not artificial. Real spiritual blog talks the final message of every scripture. Competition among spiritual blogs Competition among spiritual blogs is severe nowadays. Throat cut competition has not left the field of spirituality untouched. Actually those which are participating in this competition but are centralized to down the popularity of other competitors in wrong ways are not real spiritual blogs. It should be understood clearly. Real spiritual blog is centralized to help the progress of other. Solution for present scenario The basic remedy for this is to acquire the true spiritual knowledge from the authentic source of spiritual informa…

Leaving rented room

Have you ever lived in the rented room? Is it your first time in rented room or not? If it is your first experience you will experience death soon. If it is not first time experience you have experienced death already, believe me or not. You might have surprised. Death? Is it that much cheaper? You may be thinking in this manner. True in one sense it is really a form of death. In fact we are dying at every moment as we cannot go back to past. In another sense leaving rented room is very good point for experiencing the real death. How?

true spiritual blog

Blog is the place in the web to express the personal ( or group) thoughts, feelings and opinions . Blog is not the news site although latest events in a way or other may come in the blog. It entirely depends upon our internal feelings on the subject matter. Spirituality is the core concept of the whole because our ultimate answer and destination can be found in spirituality not other. In this sense spirituality is the vast deep subject. To express spirituality in the form of articles in blog is not the ordinary thing. It is in fact the most difficult one. Thus , so called spiritual blog site can not be the true spiritual blog.
True spiritual blog is not dedicated only with some sects of religion. In fact spirituality is far wider to compress it in some sects only. Thus, true spiritual blog never takes the part of particular sects only but it represents spirituality in overall. Thus, the blog which talks of all the aspects of spirituality according to situations and circumstances can b…

Higher and lower taste

When we talk of avoiding illicit relationship, meat eating, gambling and intoxication people generally reject our appeal and response that to give up these things is not good at all. They argue that giving up these things from our life makes our life unhappy and boring and say that these things are the source of happiness. They further argue that to give up the means of happiness is not good and hence impossible for them to do so. In a way it sounds logical but we can raise the question “Do you prefer those things if you get the mean for higher taste of happiness and satisfaction than those means?” Actually, they become somewhat answer less to our question because they are still not familiar with the higher taste and even don’t know if there is higher taste. So, they don’t believe in our saying when we say that there is far higher taste in comparison with those immoral means.
Why people develop addiction in something whether it is worldly love or drug or illicit relationship? It is bec…

Destination Nepal

Pradeep Bhandari , Nepal I heard someone complaining about Nepal in the public place yesterday. From this Sunday ( 7 Aug ) Nepal was going to implement the laws to aware people about Smoking and Intoxication. The person whom I found insulting about Nepal was one of the heavy smoker. He was saying that Nepal is not good at all. It is least developed nation and was comparing with highly developed nation of the world such as America , European countries etc.
When I heard his rough sentences about Nepal , I went nearby him and raised the question ‘Why are you speaking so badly about Nepal?’ Immediately, his friend sitting nearby him said that some men just slapped him for smoking in public place and threw away his smoke away as he found him smoking in this public place. Then I knew the fact why he was so much angry with Nepal. Then I started to talk with him (the smoker). “Brother, why are you speaking so badly about Nepal?  Why are you complaining that Nepal is not developed at all? Why…

Enjoying Mentality

>>You want to look extra-ordinary. Why? Because you want to enjoy the situation  of being different than other. >> You want to get first position in exam to enjoy the situation of  being successful. >> You want to play game because you want to enjoy the situation of being successful player. >> You want to make girlfriend (or boyfriend) because you want to enjoy the situation of being loved. >> You want to have some types of relationship with someone to enjoy the respective situation. >> You want to make big success in business to enjoy the situation of being successful than other. And so on. Not only you, has everyone tried for this. In each of the above cases the central point is our enjoying mentality. Actually we become blind by jealousness and eventually being directed by lust we search the situation when and where we can enjoy fully. In each case we want to show us superior to other. We get satisfaction to see the failure of other and success of own. …

Destination Jesus

Jesus to whom Holy Bible declares to be the son of God is not worship able only to Christians but he is equally important to every living being as the savior. Teachings of Jesus are not only for certain sects and faith groups but for everyone because he is one of the prominent messenger of God over entire world. God is original being and source of everyone and he is common for everyone. Jesus never claimed himself to be God but the servant and son of God. This message in different words and platform can be found in every scriptures of the world. Destination jesus in Right Destination for Everyone is mean for appealing everyone not to disrespect Jesus but to accept him as the son of God and hence savior.
Jesus has taught us the way to love God which is not only the essence of Bible but every scriptures of the world. We can find same message in Bhagavad-Gita and same in Quran . Jesus has prescribed to chant the name of God which is also found in Vedas. Jesus has taught us the lesson of m…

Religious Destination

Religious life is the actual destination not the sentiment or blind faith. In absolute platform there are no separate religions but a single common religion of all. Thus irrespective of our identification as Hindu, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc. everyone of us are the follower of the same root religion of the soul called eternal religion. Eternal religion is in fact the science and science is applicable for all not to the limited sects or group. Eternally we are part and parcel of the Supreme God. We are not God but qualitatively we are similar with God whereas we are too minute quantitatively but God is far vast than our imagination. That is God is richest and we are poorest. As a part and parcel of Supreme God we are dependent upon him in every way. Without him nothing is possible for us . He is eternally controller and we are controlled. He lacks nothing but we lack everything if we separate ourselves from him. In this point he is master and we are servant eternally. Actually we c…

Destination Krishna

>>>Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead. Krishna is the personal name of God as described by Vedic scripture. (So, Right Destination for Everyone uses the name ‘Krishna’ frequently to refer God but it does not mean the name ‘Krishna ‘ only is the name of God .Actually God has innumerable names out of them Krishna is one. Some say him Allah , some say him Govinda, some say him Vishnu, some say him Yahweh etc. )
Krishna is both way for destination and destination. God is full of every opulent. He is the source of every sources and things and cause of every causes. Except than God all other beings  are subject to change but God is even the source of change.  Thus scriptures describe him as the cause of every causes. If so our source is also God. It is also true that from whom we originally come is also the subject for final destination otherwise what is our destination? Every thing is existed with standing (based) on other things and final subject for resting whole thing …

Teaching of Bible is not against Krishna

Bible is sacred religious book respected by majority of human beings. Authority of Bible cannot be questioned. Bible is good from many angle and is the main book of Christianity. But Bible is easy for easy people and difficult for difficult one. When we try to take credit of whole Bible ourselves then the meaning of Bible obviously cannot be drawn accurately. Whether one is Christian or Hindu or other the chance of misinterpreting Bible always remains. Then they eventually conclude that Bible does not accept Krishna. Some Christian then begin to disrespect Krishna the Supreme Personality of Godhead and Some Hindu neglect and even criticize Bible by saying that Bible is not at all religious book and Bible is against Krishna. It is the major misunderstanding. To understand this sacred and confidential science one should first of all be not Christian nor Hindu or other. Some of the major misinterpretation and misunderstanding are related on following points (Also non sectarian and harmoni…

Where Did God Come From

Spiritual civilization explains Supreme God to be the source of all sources and cause of all causes. God is described as the original source of each and everything. Meanwhile modern civilization forwards another concept. That is it states that whole existence is just the combination of energy and matter. It came from no such source as God but it was forever in the form of matter and energy combination. When we say that everything of the world came from God they ask us a question immediately ‘where Did God come from then?’ The question raised is sensible too in first look but totally insensible when dived into depth . First of all those who ask such questions should go thoroughly the whole subject of spirituality. According to spirituality, this world is also real and spiritual world is also real but material world is temporary but spiritual is permanent. We can practically know how material existence is temporary. But feeling of I  ( i.e. soul and super soul which are base of spiritual…