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Destination is not far from us but when we are misled it becomes impossible for us to reach. "Right Destination for Everyone" aims at providing the tips for driving the vehicle of our life towards its right destination , by balancing the every aspects of our life. Thus we appeal everybody to visit and support.
The blog is totally the personal space in the web to share owns realization , feelings and thoughts. This blog is run by Pradeep Bhandari (Me). The blog is also supported and contributed by our visitors and well wisher.
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Misled & misleader

Times and again, the modern days civilization has been the big book of misled chapters, just in front of our eyes. We, a way or other, are misled by our society and various aspects of our society.
We are misled right from womb inside to last breath and even after death. We are supplied with what is unfavorable for us. We are cheated time and again through the weapon of modern education, occupation, politics, and technologies and so on. We are searching for happiness but happiness never enters the screen of our life except than the big big advertisements of happiness in the screen of Television. We want to quench the thirst of pure love but given the piles of deserted water containers consisting of hatred atmosphere. We are hated but never loved. We are obliged to memorize insensible formulas but never the true education. We are shown the green grass of level exceeding salaries but hit by the dry grass of tiredness and losses. Our parents are exploiting us and our teachers are exploi…

Sick City : Sex City

Sex is the theme of procreation. Procreation means begetting the offspiring. It is the natural process. Not only human beings but animal also procreate and enjoy the sex life in bodily level. Anyway sex is also a form of bodily pleasure but when we run after bodily pleasure only our life is sure to go in vain.
Scriptures sanction the regulated sex life. When sex is uncontrolled it is more or less the animal propensity. Scriptures warn us to remain untouched by such type of sex life. But nowadays our society has been entirely centred for sex. Sex has been the only one theme of present days civilization. Nowadays our cities and villages are sick of sex. Human beings are behaving just like animals. Sex has stepped down to road from room. People are starting the business of sex and earning money. People are feeling the boundaries of marriage too narrow and are broking its wall to enjoy animalistic way of sex outside marriage. In the name of modernisation sex abuse has been increasing day …

Sick City

Sick City is the chain of blog article which is likely to follow the long chain to show the major defects of present day lifestyle and its remedy. We hope to write on the topics which our cities (also villages) are following blindly in the name of modernism such as sex enjoyment , drug addiction , monetary compititions , corruption and so on. We hope to address their deep rooted conception from depth of the same point and search out the practical remedies as well. Our city is certainly the sick of modernism fever and various side effects. If there is disease there should also be medicine .That is our firm belief.
Wait for the articles entitled 'sick city'.

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