Are scriptures the words of God?

Yes , scriptures are the words of the God. But how , its proof is here.
Firstly, it should be understood that unless one is supreme being and perfect in every way he can not be the God. If God is all perfect then his action, sense , works and everything should be perfect. It means that his words also must be perfect. It implies that his words should be always true. In other word our words can not be always true because we are imperfect. Thus we can examine scriptures in this basis. If scriptures are always true then it will hence be proved that they are the words of God otherwise not.
We see that theories of science are the subject of changes. One scientist draws one conclussion and other forwards another theories to reject that. Thus they are not perfect. Meanwhile subjects of scriptures are beyond than such changes. They remain for ever and if we go on minutely examining these facts it will be known that they are true.If any facts are wrong they will be dissappear one day.But time shows that what scripture says remain forever. Also, scriptures when are seriously examined are found always true. No scientific evidence can cut scriptural injuction in the depth although may cut superficially. Here it shoud be understood that scriptures give both jyana and viijyana( theoritical knowledge and practical knowledge). Thus we can practically feel that all the teaching of scriptures are true and they work exactly. Scriptures do not contain the words like May be . They are guaranted . Thus scriptures are always true and hence the words of God.
Scriptures can be compared with mother and God with our father. To know who is our father we have to believe our mother and her words. It is not possible to have DNA test of every person to find out our father. If mother says he is your father we have to accept that fact and if any doubt arises we can have DNA test to that particular person not all the peoples of world. Here we can feel that To have DNA test of everyperson is like following modern science and To believe mother and to have DNA test to particual person is like following Vedic science. Thus Vedic science is always practical and best way. Vedic science proves that scriptures are the words of God easily.


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