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HOW IS GOD GREAT? (Unlimited significance of God)

Pradeep Bhandari
(Hare Krishna Communication)
28 march 2011

This morning I was at airport ,  Kathmandu. My purpose behind going there was that my sister in law was going to UK. She has ben going there with the purpose of study. This is her first flight and for the first time she has been out of own nation. So me and her other relatives including her father were there at airport to assist her departure. Since she was going for the first time we all were feeling kind and pity toward her. We wanted to guide and help her upto UK and wanted to go with her upto UK but unfortunately our love for her couldnot cross the main gate of airport. When I was trying to cross the gate , security person warned me to show my passport and hence visa. At that time I remembered my last year when I was applying for UK Tier 4 visa . At that time mine was rejected for some reason. So I could not cross a line to help her. At that moment my love for her even actually diverted towards God. I remembered Bhagavad-Git…