HOW IS GOD GREAT? (Unlimited significance of God)

Pradeep Bhandari
(Hare Krishna Communication)
28 march 2011

This morning I was at airport ,  Kathmandu. My purpose behind going there was that my sister in law was going to UK. She has ben going there with the purpose of study. This is her first flight and for the first time she has been out of own nation. So me and her other relatives including her father were there at airport to assist her departure. Since she was going for the first time we all were feeling kind and pity toward her. We wanted to guide and help her upto UK and wanted to go with her upto UK but unfortunately our love for her couldnot cross the main gate of airport.
When I was trying to cross the gate , security person warned me to show my passport and hence visa. At that time I remembered my last year when I was applying for UK Tier 4 visa . At that time mine was rejected for some reason.
So I could not cross a line to help her. At that moment my love for her even actually diverted towards God. I remembered Bhagavad-Gita and other scriptures. I was thanking God for his unlimited mercy. My emotion toward God and toward his love was raising second after second. Finally I got what is significance of God and insignificance of material lifestyle and relations. At the same time I knew how every words of scriptures are the words of God and how they are true actually.
I was drawing the picture of someones death to relate this moment. Death means departure of soul from one body to another and here the body is making departures from one place to another. In a way such departure needs previous qualification such as passport and visa . To get visa we have to have citizenship of the nation and to get citizenship there are certains ways , paths and works. When passport is ready we have to apply for visa and as we apply and if requirement is met we are granted visa. But if documents are insufficient or mistake we will not be granted visa. Visa may be of different countries. Some may go to praised nation while some to another one.
Similar is this cycle of birth and death. It is sure that we have to die one day. There is no choice . Our action during our lifetime and even previous time  will determine our destination of departure. Some may get the body as heavenly persons while some may be the resident of the hell. It is the case at actual sense.  Some may get rebirth as superior species while some may get life in the form of hateful one. The person during lifetime may maintain relation with other in various forms. Some may be his/her father , some may be mother, some may be husband and some may be sons and daughter and so on.
Since we had no visa of UK we could not cross the gate of airport and she was there alone . Since only she had got visa so she alone was allowed to go inside. Law does not say that he is father or brother or sister or other and does not let to go there . So no alternatives were there to follow . That means only she was allowed to go while we were not. We sadly returned to our home and as hours went passing we somehow or other forget her.
I n the same way there is nature’s law and arrangement. We maintain various relation with one another and finally when death comes we have to go alone. Other will be left in this world and we should go elsewhere. No relatives can cross the line of death to associate and help their dead relative. Somehow or other we have to walk alone. Whom we think are our can not be ours for always and it means that our love does not exists for always. In this material world what we think is love is actually illusion. There is limitation in every way. Thus our material existence at all is actually hopeless case and hence is not vey much good. Our relative , friend or other can not be with us for always and one day we have to depart in different  direction. How miserable and risky is material life we can now imagine.

But some how or other she ( my sister in law ) used to believe in God . She used to remember and chant Hare Krishna when I chanted . Thus more or less she had developed some love in God. That means that God also loves her . At worldly view we also love her and God also but our love couldn’t cross the limit of door of airport while God’s love crossed it. Eventhough we left her but God actually did not leave her. Wherever she went God also went there and God is with her even within plane and will be in UK too. That means God’s love and association can cross each and every limitation and remains forever .

Similar is in our life. When we depart from this body , our relatives can not go with us and their love is beyond . Their love for us evenactually is temporary or limited within narrow boundaries . In other word their love and association is actually the illusion. But God’s love for us can brake all the walls of such limitation . God does not leave us even in the time of our death and he remains forever with us . His love remains forever and is thus the real love. Such great is our God. We may be ant or elephant , human, demon or demigod, good or bad God will always be with us.
With this emotion I was enlightened at airport. I shared this felling with her also and she was also giving thanks to God.
Now I can point out why God is so great , why there is significance of God and how important is God’s love for us . Thanks to such unlimitedly merciful God. May he provide us with his love and we be always able to chant his holy names with love.


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