Are You Really Happy?

Think for a moment  to make the conclusion…….
Are you really happy? What does your heart says ,listen. With more and more technologies  and facilities , are you really getting happiness. You don’t have to walk to go from one place to another. Sophisticated vehicles will do it for you. You don’t have to work , machine will do it for you ; you don’t have to do anything yourself machines will do it for you. You just have to enjoy various televisions show, enjoy with internet, enjoy  with food , sex and so on. Still one question for you are you really happy?
If you analyse this question seriously from heart  your heartfelt answer will be “No”.
Why? Can you answer? If not I will explain why it happens. You bring a fish out of water. You put it in a house made up of gold. You give it luxurious things, car , computer, machines and make richer and richer. Will fish be happy? No , fish will not be happy . In fact it is impossible.Why? Only reason is that it is out of  water; i.e.out of its home. It will be happy only when it goes to water.
Did you understand why you are unhappy here. Yes , one and only reason is that you are out of our home. Which you think your home is only the station in your transition, i.e journey. Your home in this material world is not your own home . You have to leave it one day because it is not yours. But you have also permanent home. Your permanent home is located in the spiritual world . Unless you go there you will not be happy . If you want to be happy you have to go to your original home at spiritual world and for this you have to awaken your original pure consciousness. Our original consciousness is Krishna Consciousness(God Consciousness). We have to awaken our slept consciousness through awakening means. We have to develop love with God. We have to chant his holy names . We have to follow  regulative lifestyle.Otherwise no way are there to be happy. What we think is happiness will all be swept away with the storms of distress.


  1. How true. Our original home is spiritual world. I want to come and serve there how kindly let me know.

  2. Thank you for your visit Srilakshmi ji,
    Other beings in this earth except than one who strictly follows scriptural prescriptions are unhappy due to fear of losing something of their like. Since scriptures eventually are meant for spiritual realization so their prescriptions are also spiritual. Without returning to our pure spiritual consciousness we can not be happy. It is practically felt. Where spritual consciousness dwells that is called spiritual world. The place you are living now no longer remains material for you if you gain spiritual consciousness. Once you are situated in such stable consciousness you can easily serve God.God has lack of nothing but our love will be acceptable to him. Thus we have to serve God by offering our true love for him. By doing so everyone can be happy.


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