Why Krishna is God not other?

(Here is proof)
 God means supreme being. Supreme being means he should be most powerful and most opulent. In another word God means he should be beyond all limitations and should be perfect in every way. If he is not so how can he be God. Since supreme being can be only one  there should not be any duality. Which means that there can be only one God not two. God is described as the creator of the world, protector of the world and finally the destroyer also. God is described as omnipresent and omnipotent being.

Who is Krishna?
All the revealed scriptures say that Krishhna is God. Krishna pronounced as ˈ(kr̩ʂɳə) literally "dark, black, dark-blue Is described as supreme personality of Godhead in Vedic Scriptures which are oldest scriptures of the world. Krishna is the name of God according to the revealed scriptures. Revealed scripture says that his abode is Goloka Vrindavan which is located at topmost portion of the spiritual world where he performs various pastime with his intimates. ..........(READ FULL)


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