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Bitter Truth..............................................................

Nobody wants to die. When we hear of death we turn our head in another direction to avoid death. Due to fear of death we try our best to forget the word ‘death’. We struggle hard to overcome death but what can be done for death. Remaining itself unchanged it changes everything. Every one of us meet in destruction due to this bitter truth ‘Death”. It is unchangeable law applicable for everyone. It is said that death is certain for those who  take birth. Death is certain after birth. It applies for all. It does not discriminate for any one. It does not say he is rich or poor, generous or mean, high caste or low caste nor it says he is king or slave. It is for all. It is also true that whoever   at present are speaking of it will also die one day. Some may die early and some may die lately, some may die in accident and some in normal condition but to die is final thing for all. It is said that it does not exclude even the king of heaven . No one can avoid death. It is also said that punis…

When Life Becomes Too much Painful

No one loves the tears of pain. But when tears flow down what can be done more. It symbolizes the pain. It is not our desire but just opposite case. In fact everyone is searching for happiness. But in direct way or indirect way we are facing the problem. We try to keep pain far away us but pain never leaves us. Whatever we do pain follows there. Wheather we play or eat, sing or dance , read or write, see movie or listen jokes pain never leaves us. Wheater it is the matter of money or not of that , wheather it is the matter of time or not  or wheater it may be we feel pain in any way. It seems as if it is the universal law. We may think that my pain is too much  in the world but truth is the same with another person also. He/she also may think the same that he/she faces the pain most. It is fact . Nobody can deny it. But we feel much more pain sometime. In some turning of the life we feel as if pain is exceeding its limit . We see no point in living and even try for suicide. It becomes…

Powerful Articles about God

Don’t judge God by your capacity. God is not limited like you and me . He is actually unlimited. So how do you expect to calculate God with your limited mind. Please don’t make God your slave God is always master. He will be your slave only if you become his slave first. God has unlimited power. His power can not be confined in our power. Don’t deceive the general peoples by your speculation about God. God is beyond our speculation. All these powerful Articles about God are necessary for realization of facts about God. Please read all these powerful articles about God seriously and develop love towards him……..And furthermore please not bind God with Christian boundaries, Hindu boundaries, Muslim boundaries and so on because God is beyond than all these boundaries but bind within the boundaries of devotion…………………….