When Life Becomes Too much Painful

No one loves the tears of pain. But when tears flow down what can be done more. It symbolizes the pain. It is not our desire but just opposite case. In fact everyone is searching for happiness. But in direct way or indirect way we are facing the problem. We try to keep pain far away us but pain never leaves us. Whatever we do pain follows there. Wheather we play or eat, sing or dance , read or write, see movie or listen jokes pain never leaves us. Wheater it is the matter of money or not of that , wheather it is the matter of time or not  or wheater it may be we feel pain in any way. It seems as if it is the universal law. We may think that my pain is too much  in the world but truth is the same with another person also. He/she also may think the same that he/she faces the pain most. It is fact . Nobody can deny it. But we feel much more pain sometime. In some turning of the life we feel as if pain is exceeding its limit . We see no point in living and even try for suicide. It becomes too hard. We see as if tears are  not the tear is not the tear but the great river. We find ourself drowned in the sea of tear. That is actually the hopeless case. We see that only during such condition most of the persons pray with God . Yes, it is fact not the job. Please ask with yourself sincerely wheather it is true or not. Obviously  , it is true. It holds true.
What happens when  Life Becomes Too Painful?
Actually when life becomes too painful we cry, go mad and our life redirects towards disorder. Actually in this case no painkiller medicines are useful in this stage. We curse ourself . Due to too much pain we become hopeless and finally see no point in living . Thus finally we step forward for suiciding. This is bitter truth.
Why too much pain?
Pain is the basic feather of this world. Material nature is responsible for pain. Scriptures describe that This Material World is the place of pain and sorrow . True happiness doesnot exist here. In overall , greatest pains of the world are : Birth , Disease, Old Age and Death . We may not believe this fact immediately but if we analyze seriously we reach in this conclusion. It is not one time process it repeats time and again since it is the cycle. In this cycle of birth and death we feel various pains but main problems are these things. One may say why so ? But it is the  fact which can not be changed. what can be done for this . Pain is the quality of material world just like heat is the quality of fire. And furthermore this is the result of our previous misdeeds. Our main mistake is that we left our spiritual world and select this material world by misusing our independence. All things that are happening in our life are the result of our previous activities. Pain is the nature of this world but degree of pain is directly related with the level of our misdeeds. If we continue those misdeeds at this time also it is sure that we will be in such pain in future also.
Since fish can not be happy and out of pain outside the water we can not happy and out of pain outside our actual home which is located at spiritual sky. Intensity of pain increases if we forget our home and our original house just like the person outside own house feels too much difficulty. It does not depens on the material advancement and facilities. How much facilities fish gets outside water can not make it happy thus in spite of too much facilities and physical advancement USA is ranking top in suicide rate.
Remedy for this problem
It is already explained. One  and only way to get rid off this problem is to regain our original feature. We have to regain our original consciousness. We have to make way to go back to Godhead. We have to spiritualize our life sincerely.


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