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Modern Science: Both Boon and Curse

The term science is derived from Latin word scientia, means to know. Science is an organized and dynamic knowledge about natural phenomena with reference to various objects of nature, which is based on repeatable observations, experimentations and inferences derived from the same. As science deals with natural phenomena, the various branches of science are also called natural science. Natural sciences are of two types –physical and biological science.

In this 21st generation no one is untouched by science. Science has been popular in every aspect. Without science this world would be like that in Stone Age. Science has taken drastic change in the world. With the development of science this world has been a narrow room. Science has changed lifestyle of all. Science gets all the credit for creating so sophisticated world. In health, education, transportation, communication etc. science has taken evolution. Man has been victorious over nature due to the uninterrupted speed of scientific…

Krishna Consciousness: "supreme consciousness"

Krishna conscious?What does it mean ? some may think in this way.
Krishna consciousness is the highest consciousness. Krishna consciousness is entirely the spiritual consciousness which the present generation is greatly lacking. Education regarding Krishna consciousness and its practice is known as Krishna conscious education.
Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead. Krishna means all attractive. God is all attractive. It includes everything such as beauty, power, richness, intelligence etc. some may think is Krishna the Hindu God? Actually Krishna is non sectarian. God is one and he has different names. Some say him Krishna , some say Vishnu, some say Allah , some say God and so on but Krishna is the most suitable name for God because God is all attractive which includes everything.Thus it is not right to confine Krishna only within the Hinduism boundaries. Krishna is the same god which the Christian worship, which the Muslims worship, which the Buddhists worship. …