Modern Science: Both Boon and Curse

The term science is derived from Latin word scientia, means to know. Science is an organized and dynamic knowledge about natural phenomena with reference to various objects of nature, which is based on repeatable observations, experimentations and inferences derived from the same. As science deals with natural phenomena, the various branches of science are also called natural science. Natural sciences are of two types –physical and biological science.

In this 21st generation no one is untouched by science. Science has been popular in every aspect. Without science this world would be like that in Stone Age. Science has taken drastic change in the world. With the development of science this world has been a narrow room. Science has changed lifestyle of all. Science gets all the credit for creating so sophisticated world. In health, education, transportation, communication etc. science has taken evolution. Man has been victorious over nature due to the uninterrupted speed of scientific progress.
Everywhere science is toughed; from least developed to the most developed nation. In the educational institutes science is toughed. Science is toughed both in former and informer ways. Anyway science stream is toughed in almost all places. Science is toughed in practical basis. Students make the experimentation and make the conclusion. Due to its practical basis science has been attractive stream everywhere. Only problem is that it is somehow difficult to study. So weak students cannot read science. Nowadays science is also misused. To gain popularity scientists are taking unproven theories among general people and the general peoples are accepting them as facts. So misunderstanding has been seen in various aspects. In the matter of origin of life, astronomy etc. scientists are forwarding unproven theories as well. So there are great disputes. At the same time scientific discoveries such as bombs, email and internet etc are highly misused. Many scientific discoveries have been great curse to the human societies.
Anyway science is the boon to the human society. We should properly utilize this boon. We should us science to bring positive change in the human society. For this purpose science should be studied.


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