Krishna Consciousness: "supreme consciousness"

Krishna conscious?What does it mean ? some may think in this way.
Krishna consciousness is the highest consciousness. Krishna consciousness is entirely the spiritual consciousness which the present generation is greatly lacking. Education regarding Krishna consciousness and its practice is known as Krishna conscious education.
Krishna is the supreme personality of Godhead. Krishna means all attractive. God is all attractive. It includes everything such as beauty, power, richness, intelligence etc. some may think is Krishna the Hindu God? Actually Krishna is non sectarian. God is one and he has different names. Some say him Krishna , some say Vishnu, some say Allah , some say God and so on but Krishna is the most suitable name for God because God is all attractive which includes everything.Thus it is not right to confine Krishna only within the Hinduism boundaries. Krishna is the same god which the Christian worship, which the Muslims worship, which the Buddhists worship. Krishna is the seeds of existence . He is the original father of all beings. All the scriptures declare this truth. We see this fact in all the authentic Vedic scriptures. There is clear science in the Vedic scriptures ; the oldest of all. Actually scriptures are eternal and 100% truth . scriptures mainly give us education of deductive style. From these scriptures we come to know that Krishna is the root of everything. He is our original father. We are soul not this material body . actually we are eternal servant of the god . Krishna is our boss and we are his eternal servant as declared by the Vedic scriptures.
As we are linked with Krishna as his eternal servant ; our duty and responsibility is to serve Krishna with love. Actually we are away from him because of misuse of our independence which is given by Krishna to us . we are in the prison of material nature. We are away from our original home ’Golok Brindabandham’. We have to return in our original house. For this we have to revive our pure love for Krishna through his devotion. We have to learn this process from authority and study authentic scriptures. We should be very much devoted . This whole process is Krishna Consciousness. Education gained from authority and via devotion regarding Krishna consciousness is actually Krishna Conscious Education.
Presently peoples are making inter religious quarrel. It is not good . actually there are no different religions . our only religion is to serve God ; our original father. Actually all prevalent scriptures are declaring this highest truth. Krishna consciousness is not only for Hindus , Buddhists or so on but it is the common and non sectarian religion of all. We have to follow this process and attain the highest perfection of life. We should develop the highest consciousness namely Krishna Consciousness. It is life changing consciousness. So we should gain education regarding Krishna Consciousness from authority and attain the highest perfection of life.
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