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The Actual Identity

This is my hand; this is my leg ; this is my head , these are my legs and this is my body but who am I ? who is actually saying my? Have you ever analyzed in this way? It is very easy to identify own true self after analyzing in this way.
Scriptures say that this body made of of five gross elements  and three subtle elements is not our true self . It is ever changing and will be finished along with death. Death really means the end of this body but not of our true self. Scriptures further point that the soul which is immortal , unborn and ever existing is our true self. It is not the subject of changes even when physical body changes. Our soul remains the same. Soul is just wearing and throwing the outward covering of above mentioned element. The soul is the eternal part and parcel of supreme soul called supersoul. Scriptures point our real self in such ways. Thus, we have to come outside the bodily concept of our identity. Bodily identification is the subject of changes everytime but …

Wisdom can’t be banned !

The same subject becomes the example of wisdom for one and ignorance for other sometimes. It is because one who has gone thoroughly the subject matter of that object attains the knowledge of the same and other who ignores the same misinterprets without the actual knowledge.
When it is about Bhagavad-gita one person takes as the manual for self-displine while other take as the extremist literature. One who takes it to be the extremist literature  has developed mis-conception about this scripture. Bhagavad-gita teaches us the lesson of morality. It teaches us the code of conduct for running our life for perfection. Bhagavad-gita explores our hidden identity. In fact it is the collection of  wisdom. But sometimes people mis-interpret it and even try to ban it , accusing the nonsense to it. Really this scenario is seen all over the world. To sum up , scriptures like Bhagavad-Gita are in no way wrong rather are the subject matter of wisdom. To try to ban wisdom is never a sto…

If you don’t stand for something you’ll fall down for nothing.

I was attaining a spiritual program at Hare Krishna Temple, Nepal. It was already late when I reached there. A senior devotee (HG Patri Prabhu) was giving Bhagavad-Gita class to all assembled devotees there. I came to listen the same. His class was such a juicy that more we drank more we wanted. His wonderful speech, style and matured devotion were the basic reason for heart transformation of attendants. We were encouraged us to participate in the global movement of spreading Krishna Consciousness. Many times he was repeating one verse ‘if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall down for nothing’. Really, he was stressing on this verse frequently but I was a bit slower to understand its meaning. He was giving his wonderful class and everybody were listening him with deep concentration but at later half of his wonderful class , my mind couldn’t focus on his lecture but the same verse which he was stressing earlier attracted my  mind frequently. My mind was repeating the same verse ti…

Krishna energizes his devotees

Krishna’s devotee are always active? What is the hidden secret in it? Someone was asking genuinely with me.  I was at my work and busy as well but his repeated inquiry snapped my mood away from that particular work and dragged me to the nature of many known devotees of Krishna. Really their enthusiasm is the spice for thought. At first I find myself miserable to answer this question but my mind reminded the nature of Krishna and I was convinced myself.
Krishna is God. This is base and foundation of our spiritual life. As He is God he is full of energy every time.  Just for example when we talk of magnetism whole magnetic substances derive their property from complete magnet. Just like iron pieces when put in the contact of magnet get magnetized similarly krishna’s devotees due to continuous link with Krishna , the possessor of total energy his devotees get automatically energized and devote their life continuously for Krishna’s service.

Our blog is slightly modified

Our blog is slightly modified More and more suggestions received from you and other thousands of visitor not only motivated but also forced us to make changes in order to improve the quality of our blog. It is neither the big change nor the increment of big facilities but we believe that many such small changes are sure to bring big changes. Now, the system of sending us the feedbacks is simplified and we have embedded other webs inside our blog as well. We hope you will like our this small changes. (Main domain has also been improved slightly in terms of simplicity and other. We hope we can update the spirituality up to date )

Sahitya Sandesh

Link here appears is taken from blog:"".Most of the literatures are written in Nepali language.They can be read here. Thank you!

Waiting Hours

Really waiting hours are too tough whether it is the time of  waiting for academic result or health report , whether it is the time of personal relationship such as proposal approval or business waiting. When we come finally to waiting hours or minutes at that moment we really feel how powerful are the each seconds. This is why I am writing on this topics.
Last year I was waiting for my academic result. That time I felt one month to be longer than the entire period of study (year).  Before that I was applying for abroad visa for academic purposes. Unfortunately my visa appeal was rejected. I was not granted visa. I was waiting for about six month to get the report of my visa application . That time those six months were really longer than six years or even more to me because when I was waiting for the same I was really thinking of the result every time. Just yesterday I was at hospital. I was there to check up the health condition of my relative.  It took just an hour to g…

December Marathon: Run faster than you can.

When someone speak the word ‘marathon ‘we immediately think it to be the type of race. In fact marathon is the racing competition.  In material world we see throat cut competition in each and every fields. That’s why the present world despite of being narrower due to technological advancement ,has been highly defragmented into pieces due to dirty competition. The scripture rightly calls this age to be the age of quarrels and hypocrisy.
Not only in material worlds there are competitions but there are competitions even in the spiritual world. The only difference is that completion in material world are dirty but that in the spiritual world are fair. In this world competitions are practiced with the central view of harming other but in spiritual world competitions are aimed at benefitting both sides. Examples ? Of course the supreme lord Krishna competes spiritually with his cowherd boys in Goloka . Then what is ‘December Marathon ‘ ? December marathon is such type of marathon which lasts…