The Actual Identity

This is my hand; this is my leg ; this is my head , these are my legs and this is my body but who am I ? who is actually saying my? Have you ever analyzed in this way? It is very easy to identify own true self after analyzing in this way.
Scriptures say that this body made of of five gross elements  and three subtle elements is not our true self . It is ever changing and will be finished along with death. Death really means the end of this body but not of our true self. Scriptures further point that the soul which is immortal , unborn and ever existing is our true self. It is not the subject of changes even when physical body changes. Our soul remains the same. Soul is just wearing and throwing the outward covering of above mentioned element. The soul is the eternal part and parcel of supreme soul called supersoul. Scriptures point our real self in such ways.
Thus, we have to come outside the bodily concept of our identity. Bodily identification is the subject of changes everytime but our actual identity as eternal soul remains the same forever , as the servant of supreme soul called God.


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