Krishna energizes his devotees

Krishna’s devotee are always active? What is the hidden secret in it? Someone was asking genuinely with me.  I was at my work and busy as well but his repeated inquiry snapped my mood away from that particular work and dragged me to the nature of many known devotees of Krishna. Really their enthusiasm is the spice for thought. At first I find myself miserable to answer this question but my mind reminded the nature of Krishna and I was convinced myself.
Krishna is God. This is base and foundation of our spiritual life. As He is God he is full of energy every time.  Just for example when we talk of magnetism whole magnetic substances derive their property from complete magnet. Just like iron pieces when put in the contact of magnet get magnetized similarly krishna’s devotees due to continuous link with Krishna , the possessor of total energy his devotees get automatically energized and devote their life continuously for Krishna’s service.


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