Wisdom can’t be banned !

The same subject becomes the example of wisdom for one and ignorance for other sometimes. It is because one who has gone thoroughly the subject matter of that object attains the knowledge of the same and other who ignores the same misinterprets without the actual knowledge.
When it is about Bhagavad-gita one person takes as the manual for self-displine while other take as the extremist literature. One who takes it to be the extremist literature  has developed mis-conception about this scripture. Bhagavad-gita teaches us the lesson of morality. It teaches us the code of conduct for running our life for perfection. Bhagavad-gita explores our hidden identity. In fact it is the collection of  wisdom. But sometimes people mis-interpret it and even try to ban it , accusing the nonsense to it. Really this scenario is seen all over the world.
To sum up , scriptures like Bhagavad-Gita are in no way wrong rather are the subject matter of wisdom. To try to ban wisdom is never a story of success in the history all over the world. The wind may be banned and sound may be banned. Even light may be banned but wisdom can never be banned. Wisdom flourishes in spite of continuous pressure to ban it from the world or certain territories of the world.


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