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Devotee's commitment

Recently , I was fortunate to learn about devotees commitment needed to spiritualize life fully from one of the devotees of lord Krishna. Which are:
New year commitment (for/by Krishna's devotees)
Ok! lets make the commitment.
1)  First of all , we have to have some desires for making our life meaningful. Our life is sure to go in vain if we spend our life just like animals : just (eating , mating , sleeping and defending). Above than it, Human life is important because we are gifted with higher intelligence . Lets make the commitment to use our intelligence for exploring our true identity as eternal soul and hence the eternal servant of supreme personality of Godhead Sri Krishna.
2) Lets make the commitment to utilize our time for reading authentic spiritual books such as Bhagavad-Gita. ( * Srila Prabhupada's book are obviously authentic).
3) Lets make the commitment to give maximum possible time for the association of devotees.
4) Lets make the commitment to give sufficient …