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Failure in love affairs,Why? How to make it successful?

Spiritual love and material love : True and false
Failure in loveSuccess in love

This is the time of modernism and post modernism. What are its symptoms? Of course, unstable love life, fast life and hence fast death, throat cut competition and too materialistic lifestyle. Unstable love life is the major issue. What does this mean? Why does it happens? Is it good? If not how to solve this? Nowadays it has been the fashion to have a girlfriend or boyfriend. They are always behind it. Especially in college life if a boy has no girlfriend or if a girl has no boyfriend then he/ she is regarded incomplete and hence potent less. Due to fear of such insult college students are always behind making boyfriend or girlfriend. They are completely under the control of inferior nature of the nature. They are basically behind the outer appearance of that girl and boy . As a result, despite  of their  vast difference in thought, emotion, background, choice and so on they choose one another as boyfriend …

Our respectful obeisance for lord Shiva

How do devotees of Krishna take Shiva? Lord Shiva is not ordinary soul. No Jiva can become Shiva . Sometimes ordinary soul can become Brahma by his hard penance but can never be lord Shiva. It is special remarkation of lord Shiva as defined by Vedic scriptures. He is always the person for our respectful obeisance.
Many places of Vedic scriptures describe lord Shiva as the greatest devotee of Krishna. He is the form of God in another dimension and form as stated by scriptures . Scriptures describe the relationship between lord Krishna and Shiva by the example of milk and curd. Krishna is described as milk whereas Shiva is compared to curd. Here, curd comes from milk and is the same milk product but purpose of curd is limited whereas milk can be used in every ways and for many purposes. Here , Shiva is described as the God for destruction and looks after Tama guna ( mode of ignorance). Meanwhile he is the great devotee of lord Krishna. Scriptures declare that he is the greatest Vaishnava…

Don’t Dream Anymore! It Is The Time To Wake Up!!!

Human form of life is very rare from modern scientific view as well as Vedic view. Rare things have great value. Great value should be properly used. Proper use of anything means active use of those things. Active us does not involve dream. Dream is possible only in passive stage. It means human life can not be properly used if we go on dreaming only. Thus for proper use of this rare human life it is the time to wake up. What is human life? Modern science describes human life as most evolved form of life and Vedic science declares the human form of life as highest form of life among 84,00,000 species of creatures. Understanding may be different but essence is same in both system. Human lies in top form among all species of life in terms of intelligence. Human body is gifted with so many facilities. Due to this consciousness human can decide what to do and what not to do. It is said that this is the only form which can acquire knowledge about God and hence can make arrangement for going …