Our respectful obeisance for lord Shiva

How do devotees of Krishna take Shiva?
Lord Shiva is not ordinary soul. No Jiva can become Shiva . Sometimes ordinary soul can become Brahma by his hard penance but can never be lord Shiva. It is special remarkation of lord Shiva as defined by Vedic scriptures. He is always the person for our respectful obeisance.
Many places of Vedic scriptures describe lord Shiva as the greatest devotee of Krishna. He is the form of God in another dimension and form as stated by scriptures . Scriptures describe the relationship between lord Krishna and Shiva by the example of milk and curd. Krishna is described as milk whereas Shiva is compared to curd. Here, curd comes from milk and is the same milk product but purpose of curd is limited whereas milk can be used in every ways and for many purposes. Here , Shiva is described as the God for destruction and looks after Tama guna ( mode of ignorance). Meanwhile he is the great devotee of lord Krishna. Scriptures declare that he is the greatest Vaishnava ie. Vaishnavam yataha Shambhoo. We respect Shiva in such ways . Among Vaishnava he is pioneer Vaishnava and he is not ordinary soul.
Shiva is always attracted toward Krishna. He always want to serve Krishna . In fact he is serving Krishna everytime. Shiva wants to enter in the Krishna leela ( pastime of Krishna) . It is also said that Shiva always meditates upon the lotus feet of lord Krishna. He is carrying out his duty . It is the Vaishnava understanding for Shiva. We respect Shiva in these ways. Shiva is so merciful so is called Ashutosh. Due to this nature of Shiva , demons are also benefitted sometimes. They can get rare boons easily and finally misuse that boon. Shiva is also called Mahadev meaning the great among all the demigods (devas).
Thus , we have to respect lord Shiva. He can give us mercy to be the devotee of Krishna. Devotees of Krishna are very dear to Shiva. We have to continue our devotional life by giving full respect to Shiva. But we should not imitate him. He is too much powerful . He can easily swallow most dangerous poison easily but if we imitate him and try to swallow less dangerous poison we die in the spot. Thus we have to follow what he has instructed us but not what he does. In this way we have to worship Shiva and respect from the core of our heart. It is Vaishava understanding for lord Shiva.


  1. Yes , we respect lord Shiva very much. Every devotee of Krishna must respect lord Shiva....


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