Failure in love affairs,Why? How to make it successful?

Spiritual love and material love : True and false

Failure in love                                                                              Success in love

This is the time of modernism and post modernism. What are its symptoms? Of course, unstable love life, fast life and hence fast death, throat cut competition and too materialistic lifestyle. Unstable love life is the major issue. What does this mean? Why does it happens? Is it good? If not how to solve this? Nowadays it has been the fashion to have a girlfriend or boyfriend. They are always behind it. Especially in college life if a boy has no girlfriend or if a girl has no boyfriend then he/ she is regarded incomplete and hence potent less. Due to fear of such insult college students are always behind making boyfriend or girlfriend. They are completely under the control of inferior nature of the nature. They are basically behind the outer appearance of that girl and boy . As a result, despite  of their  vast difference in thought, emotion, background, choice and so on they choose one another as boyfriend and girlfriend. Unfortunately after some time most probably after some month or year they start to quarrel with each other in various ways and finally get separated. Thus love fails. Their love life comes to the end. It is the most happening case and condition. When calculated failure rate is vast greater than success rate. Perhaps more than 95 % college love fails in the period of time. Many researches also prove this fact.
Have you been love with someone? Be careful chances are more that your love may be the victim of failure. Just analyse your heart and make a conclusion wheather you love him/her truly or surfacially. Just you have to analyse whether you are behind his/her bodily appearance or not? You just have to study the difference between thoughts of mind and that of heart. If you find difference in these thoughts there are more chances that your love life may come to the end soon.  Not spend your present time in surfacial love issue but ask a question with yourself if you can be happy with him/her after 10 or more years. If you love him/her from bodily platform then you will find the answer for this question ‘no’ because the present body of your girlfriend or boyfriend will be drastically changed after 10 years. It will be ugly . There may appear wrinkles in his/her face. Body structure will be changed. If you love your friends hair now and love in this basis , you will hate it after 10 years because after 10 years his/her hair may become white. The attractive body of present will turn into very unattractive one after 10 or more years. As time passes on your love will eventually turn into hate and you will no longer love your girlfriend and your girlfriend will no longer love you. It is bodily love and as body changes love also changes. If not after 10 years and continued for long time , it is sure that it will be finished with yours death if you love him/her bodily because body finishes with  death. Thus the thing which meets in destruction is not good. The love which ends in destruction and gives you just the lost of time is material love.
Is love that much weak? Is the love’s power defeated with the power of death? Does not love true love last even after death? Hundreds of such questions may arise. Answer for all these questions is ‘no’. What to talk of ordinary one , even the God ( possessor of supreme strength ) is defeated by the power of love.  True love exists even after death. You just have to know which is true love and which is false. False love ends with the passage of time but true love has no concern with time. What is true love? True love is that love which does not end with the bodily death. Which love is not ended with bodily death? Of course , that love which is not contaminated with bodily conception does not die with bodily death. That means we have to come out of bodily conception of life and start our love. What is not destructible like body? It is soul . That means we have to love some one from soul level. Soul level means spiritually. It is because soul has no death. It means love done from soul level does not die with time. Also, we have to love him/her who never deceives ( cheats) us. We have to love that person who never hates and leaves us alone? Who is that person ? Surely, he is Krishna (God). He is always with us in different ways. He never leaves us and remains with us as supersoul (paramaatmaa) . Thus, our love for Krishna never dies. It is the only case where love meets itself in success.
But , what about your girlfriend and boyfriend or someone whom you love the most? For example, you may love your father, mother, wife , husband, offspring or other. Doesn’t such love meet success? Why not? Of course such love also gets success provided that such love is out of bodily conception of life. It means you have to love them spiritually. No love affair can be successful unless it is tied with supersoul. Every love affairs get success if cause and result both of that concerned love are spiritual. In such love, you help each other to love God. When both side love God they will always be together spiritually.It means your love remains forever. So, if you want to make your love affairs successful then only way is that you give all credits of your love to God and love  your lover in such a way that it will increase your love for God but not decrease.


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