Success and God

Is success the boon of God?
>>At the same time, it is and it isn’t as well. Following illustration shows how it is and at the same time it is not.
Success or failure is the output of the work that we do. In general understanding we become successful if we do the work nicely. If we are not dedicated towards the work we get failure as output. But ,does it hold always true? We see that some people work too hard with so much dedication but they get failure . It is bitter truth. Their so much time consuming labor goes in vain. They are favored by failure only. Why does it happen if only reason of success is hard labor and dedication? It is the sensible question. At another look some get success despite of their light labor. Some people are not so dedicated towards the work but their output is the remark of success. It is seen widely. In a way it is confusing. In such case some people assume that the hand behind success and failure is that of God. They say that success is the boon of God.
Analyzing in one dimension it holds true but when analyzed in depth it is still not fully true. It is because God does not hamper our independence. We are independent to choose things and do works. Both good and bad works can be determined by us. Our present works and nature determines our future. Future success and failure are not determined only by immediate cause and works but they have long chain of connection with far actions also. Our past works and nature determines the present success or failure.
If so, what is the role of God in this matter? Does he have no role?
Despite all above facts there is also the role of God in this matter. Once we desire something that reflects in our work and work reflects in result. After we chose our independence to use in certain way the whole arrangement for this is done by the potencies of God. In our present existence it is done by nature and nature is the minor energy of God. It is also said that God will help one to walk only if he walks (i.e. tries to walk) otherwise not. In this way God also plays the role but main thing is our choice, work and nature of work associated with it.


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