Did you understand my point? No sir, I didn’t understand. Rather I am confused.
Things go wrong from this point. When the subject matter is not thoroughly understood it creates the environment of misunderstanding. Misunderstanding is the direct output of confusion and it makes the case further complicated. Finally it ruins the whole subject matter and perhaps our life also.
I think you are confused about this article. This article has may have created the environment of further confusion. This article is aimed at removing every confusion from your life but if you got confused with the essence of this article there is no hope to remove the confusion of your real life. Yes, it is the bitter truth that your life is in a way or other has been the victim of confusion. Someone may have misunderstood you. Your own near and daear friend may have been confused with your work , idea and ways. As a result he/she may have developed distance with you. Your parents may have been confused with your aim. Your boss may have misunderstood you. There is always the possibility for confusion. At last you may have been confused with the deeds of your family , society, job, aims and destination. If so you are at greater risk to ruin your own golden life.
What to speak of other , you are confused with your own identity. You are confused with your body and take your body as your real-self. This is your fundamental confusion. If you were your body then why don’t you say I body but say My Body. If you were that body then why is that changing in every moment. Are you the subject of change? If you remark ‘yes’ in this point then what is the proof of your existence. What is the base for your existence? It obliges to think that you have no existence. This can not be true since you have your existence. Analyzing in these ways we can easily conclude that your are not the subject to change but remain eternally the same. That is your actual identity. Scriptures explain that the real self of the person is Soul not the body. It is very easy as well as plain. We are confused in such a plain message of the scriptures. Presently , the entire society is confused in this plain idea. Unless we understand our own real nature there is no hope for clearing the waves of other doubts . Only if we completely remove this fundamental confusion from our mind then our other doubts can be cleared. Only then we can be sure in terms of our actual destination in life. Only then we can understand the cause of all causes. Only then we can understand the point regarding who the God is.


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