You find everything opposite

What do you do regularly? You don’t have to tell. I know exactly. You wake up lately in the morning because you don’t go to bed till late. Then you do some sorts of activities such as bathing, taking breakfast etc. You watch television.  After having your meal you go to your job or school. You basically prefer meat items in your meal. In your workplace you practice some sorts of non-sense behaviors. You are too much attached with the opposite sex. They attract you very much and you take some sorts of risk to impress the choice of your person, say girl or boy. You like to play the cheating games like playing card (gambling) and other similar games. Taking cigarette and other drugs are even more frequent habits. Without them you feel uneasy in your life. But be careful that we are appealing everyone to stop the type of lifestyle which is similar to yours. You find everything and every message exactly opposite in our message and teaching (provided that you adopt the lifestyle as mentioned above).
You prefer to eat meat but we are opposing meat eating as meat eating requires killing of the animals and to kill animals is not good. They have also got life and feel like us. Meat eating is banned by scriptural injunctions and in many cases not good in modern scientific views as well. You like to play gambling and we oppose this as it is the cheating game and to cheat other is in no way good for the sake of human civilization. Similarly you use intoxicating substances and we warn not to use. Exactly opposite. The present civilization is rounding itself around sex relationship. Nowadays physical relationship has come out of marriage boundaries. Huge number of youths is found involved in illicit sexual relationship. Outside marriage relationship is the major concern. This has made human civilization worst than animal civilization. In such a circumstance we are requesting everyone to avoid illicit relationship. Similarly there are various points where we are just opposite of the present scenario. It is all upon you to decide who is right and who is wrong.
Also, if you find some faults with you and know that what you’re doing is wrong then please improve your habit. Please step forward from this moment to improve your habit otherwise it will be too late.
[ Please do not be confused here that the word ‘you ‘ actually does not refer to you ( reader of this post) and I does not refer to me, the writer of this post but this is just the technique of writing. Followers of modern civilization and traditional Vedic (spiritual) civilization are compared here.]


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