Radhastami Nepal

Actually we are unqualified to speak of Radharani - the female part of Supreme God Krishna but it is the special mercy of Radharani that we are writing few words about her Divine Appearance  Day.
Radharani  is the God himself in female manifestation. Radharani, who is the sole cause for devotional progress is the topmost devotee of the lord. Once referred by Radharani, Krishna never refuses. It is said that mood of Radharani is to give Krishna Prem ( love of God ) to everyone. She refers  new persons to be nice devotee in front of Krishna and Krishna accepts him as so. We cannot directly approach Krishna and if once approved by Radharani it requires nothing further. Thus, we have to celebrate her appearance day to please her.
Radhastami which falls 14 days after Krishna Janmastami  is one of the most auspicious day of the year. This year, Radhastami  falls on 5th September  (2011). It is celebrated by the devotees of lord all over the world . It is also celebrated in Nepal . Different peoples celebrate it in different ways. Radhastami is celebrated in different temples and centers of Nepal.  Everyone is requested to participate in Radhastami actively.


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