Pain in failure

One pain is nothing, pain itself gets injured but what happens when thousands of pain attack a person jointly?  Of course it is the nature of the world to give the pain. Sooner or later everyone is sure to be the victim of such pains.
Our plans will be repeatedly failed. Joy is only the advertisement but reality will never be so. It is because pain is the chief characteristic of this world. So we find billions of people in pain but it is really hard to find the perfectly happy person in this world. This world is named to be the house of miseries by the saintly peoples and scriptures.
Every pain is linked with failure. Whether it is the pain of separation or union, pain of study or teaching, pain of life or death, pain of construction or destruction, failure is responsible for pain. When we become sick we get pain due to failure to keep body healthy. When we get pain in love it is due to failure to establish proper understanding in love life. When we get pain in study it is due to our failure to get good position in the exam or other. Everywhere pain is the direct outcome of the failure.
Why our plans fail? Why we get failure despite our hard efforts? Why do we get pains one after another? It is the point that we have to think and decide carefully. Failure is due to misuse of our capacity. If we go on searching for its root we will find it rooted in misuse of our independence. Why did we choose this material world but not the kingdom of God? It is our fundamental defect. Since we chose material world ,truly called the house of miseries, we are predestined to get failure and hence pain. We are away from the source of happiness who is God himself. Thus every pains and failure are eventually linked with the misuse of our independence. Thus we have only one alternative to get eternal happiness and success; that is to revert our choice. We have to choose God and his kingdom not the material world. This is the essence of whole scriptures .


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