Earth Shakes due to our Sin

(Article written after earthquake having magnitude 6.9 took place  making centre in between eastern Nepal and Sikkim India)
Why do you call earth by the name ‘Mother Earth’? Of course, it is because earth is no less than our mother. Just like our mother does every works and manages everything for our happiness Mother Earth also does the same for us. For her the every creatures of earth are her offspring. She fulfills our every necessity. Despite her so much kindness we never care her. We hit mother earth by our sins and when it becomes too much it becomes very difficult for her and she shakes. We call it the earthquake meaning the Shaking of Earth.
Our acceptance or not-acceptance does not matter but the Vedic scriptures describe the cause of earthquake to be different than what present generation thinks of it. Physical reasons may be different but causes of these causes are our actions and its bad impacts on earth. We never realize in heart that earth is the basic cause for our existence. What doesn’t carry for us? Doesn’t she give us the food to eat? Or water to drink? Or air to breath? Not only this , if she would not be here with us where would we dispose our excreta? She is so kind that she even accept our stool in her breast out of love but we never realize it. She give us the immeasurable love and affection but in return we give her only pain and torture, isn’t it?
Do you agree that you have committed sins? There is no doubt that you have committed sins. It is what Jesus says in Bible and what Krishna says in Bhagavad-Gita. Same fact is forwarded by Quran and same in Buddhist tradition. In fact whole scriptures do not deny this bitter truth. Vedic scriptures mention that when sins like illicit relationship, rape, corruption, animal behaviors , irreligiousness etc. increase , it result in such calamities. It is said that our sins are transferred to saintly persons , saintly persons to river water such as Ganga, River water to sea water , sea water to atmospheric water, atmospheric water to rain water and eventually to mother earth. Also, they are transferred to foods and so on. In due course of time immeasurable sins are accumulated in the body of mother earth. Due to so many sins even earth gets afraid. It is not her sin but our. She is so generous that she even accepts our sins. When it becomes too much her body trembles. It results in earthquake. Furthermore it results in huge loss.
In these ways earthquake is the result of our bad actions as explained by our scriptures. According to modern science as well our actions are in a way or other are responsible for causing earthquake. Anyway, earthquake is not good. We have to be earth-friendly and try our best to reduce earthquake.


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