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Mixing up theory with practicality

Mixing up theory with practicality Everything we come to read has practical application and every practices have got significant theological and theoretical bases. That is the significance of bhakti yoga , the devotional service.
Devotional practices are far superior to other process of self realization as this process is the combination of both theory and practicality. Lord is supreme authority and nobody is above him. This is our philosophy. We never try ourselves to be more than him and always behave as his eternal servant. This is practical application of our theory. We quote frequently from scriptures the necessary of chanting the holy names of God. This is our philosophy. We chant the name of God : Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare hare in regular basis. This is the practical application . Likewise , our every theory are based on practices and every practices on theory but not like pseudo-science of modern era wh…

Why do you write the blog?

The question touched my heart when someone asked me a question ,” Why do you write the blog?” I don’t know him personally but as he was speaking I was fairly confident that he was the regular visitor of my poor but great aimed blog site ‘ Right Destination For Everyone’.  The question both both my heart and head simultaneously because I was sub-consciously writing my blog articles for supreme consciousness both at mind’s and heart’s level.
Every time , when I start to write the article for my blog I imagine that millions of visitor are going to read my article but reality does not happen similar. Very few visitors will visit my blog actually and even out of them only one or two will read my article thoroughly. It is really bitter truth and the shocking reaction for me. It should really discourage me but I find my self busy to write article when there is time. The reason behind  this is not giving me the satisfaction but I find satisfied after write and post my blog every time. I know t…

Krishnasansar is not working now

Krishnasansar is not working now
We believe that our visitors are also the visitor of Spiritual update site :  Recently is down and it will certainly take some times for its continuation as before or further more. So, visitors are requested to keep in touch via this blog. This blog is also the spiritual blog and will be equally important to our visitors. To update spirituality in words is not easy job. It needs hard labor, dedication , environment , team work and certainly the valuable suggestions and roadmap. It is our promise to continue spiritual updates via our webpage. We are updating blog writing in this blog page. We expect your co-operation further. If possible please help us by sending your valuable feedback ,articles and so on . Krishnasansar is not working due to some technical  reasons. We are working to correct this. Probably we will increase our bandwidth and quality contents. All the visitors are requested to be in contact with us via …

Seminar on Spirituality

On 28th October we conducted the seminar on Spirituality at very remote village of Baglung district , Nepal. We were encouraged by the encouraging participation of the villagers. In the village there are about 3o devotees of lord Krishna. They chant the name of God very sincerely. They organized the program themselves and I ( the blogger) gave some information regarding spirituality. The seminar was absolutely free of cost. The seminar was conducted very effectively. Efficient computer presentations prepared by ISKCONDESIRETREE.NET were used to conduct the seminar. The seminar covered the following topics : Does God Exists? Who is God ? Why bad happens to the people who are good ? How to be situated at absolute happiness ? In those topics we were glad to listen and know deep information. Many devotees were really inspired to preach the God’s eternal words. Finally the essence was to chant the holy name of God sincerely and without any offenses. We collected the views and realization of dev…