Why do you write the blog?

The question touched my heart when someone asked me a question ,” Why do you write the blog?” I don’t know him personally but as he was speaking I was fairly confident that he was the regular visitor of my poor but great aimed blog site ‘ Right Destination For Everyone’.  The question both both my heart and head simultaneously because I was sub-consciously writing my blog articles for supreme consciousness both at mind’s and heart’s level.
Every time , when I start to write the article for my blog I imagine that millions of visitor are going to read my article but reality does not happen similar. Very few visitors will visit my blog actually and even out of them only one or two will read my article thoroughly. It is really bitter truth and the shocking reaction for me. It should really discourage me but I find my self busy to write article when there is time. The reason behind  this is not giving me the satisfaction but I find satisfied after write and post my blog every time. I know that it will not earn money nor collect huge praise. I also know that most of the visitors don’t give so much attention to such writings. Still my mind doesn’t rest and just give rise to the blog articles.
Again , whether I am conscious of or not but I am pretty sure that I am writing this blog for the service of lord Krishna. My lord Krishna is not different from anyone’s lord because there is the single lord in entire existence. The degree may differ and style may differ but we all are the eternal servant of same Supreme lord Krishna. I prefer Krishna as his name but you may like other names such as Buddha , Allah , Yahweh or other. All those names are the name of same supreme lord.  As I am writing in sake of Krishna I find full satisfaction in my writing. What I expect is that if anyone becomes interested in the service of lord i.e. if a single person turns to be devotee after reading my blog that will be the greatest success of my blog. In fact I am writing this blog for this reason and for this purpose.


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