Seminar on Spirituality

On 28th October we conducted the seminar on Spirituality at very remote village of Baglung district , Nepal. We were encouraged by the encouraging participation of the villagers. In the village there are about 3o devotees of lord Krishna. They chant the name of God very sincerely. They organized the program themselves and I ( the blogger) gave some information regarding spirituality.
The seminar was absolutely free of cost. The seminar was conducted very effectively. Efficient computer presentations prepared by ISKCONDESIRETREE.NET were used to conduct the seminar. The seminar covered the following topics :
Does God Exists?
Who is God ?
Why bad happens to the people who are good ?
How to be situated at absolute happiness ?
In those topics we were glad to listen and know deep information. Many devotees were really inspired to preach the God’s eternal words.
Finally the essence was to chant the holy name of God sincerely and without any offenses. We collected the views and realization of devotees regarding the path of devotion and chanting. Their life story really motivated us to devote our life for Krishna in any circumstances of life. Most of the devotees were thankful to other devotees who inspired them to follow this path.

Finally, kirtan ( congressional chanting ) lead by me ( blogger) last for more than a hour. The kritan was really a success due to enthusiastic participation of the devotees. The devotees were really diving deep into the ocean of devotion and were getting the real nectar of devotion. Devotees were really thankful to Chaitanya mahaprabhu and his kind devotees. Their appreciation and dedication to His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami can not be shaped in some words only. What I was realizing is that such seminars should be conducted time and again.


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