Four Regulative Principles….

Four regualative principles? What are those four regulative principles? It was confusing me too much. Although  I was familiar with all of those principles but still I was confused . I was vegetarian from long ago. I did not take shelter of intoxications such as smoking and alcoholism since beginning of the life. I strictly avoided illicit relationships and I don’t know how to play playing cards still. Despite of this fact , when I heard of four regulative principles , I got myself in confused state. I was always questioning with myself a question that would it be possible to follow all those four principles forever . At the same time my concept of those principles was only surfacial before I found the following conversation of Krishna’s devotees with a person in their preaching service. This conversation relaxed me and I got concept that four regulative principles are the pillars of our spiritual life. It also convinced me that although it may be difficult in the beginning but it eventually becomes much more easier . We find ourself in satisfactory stage due to four regulative principles. We should be dedicated to follow four regulative principles from the core of heart not only outwardly.It is required for all regardless of their religion , faith and concept. Four regulative principles are equally important whether you follow modern science or traditional one, whether you follow eastern culture or western, whether you are from rich nation or poor. It really does not matter with our personal identification. It is science so applies for all. Here is that conversation.
(Original conversation was in Nepali language but it is presented here in its English translation. It is the conversation made by Krishna’s devotees with a person in their preaching service.)
Devotee:             Hare Krishna
Person:                Hmm….
Devotees:           We are from Krishna Temple. Do you have some time? If you have so, we will discuss for sometime regarding Krishna.
Person:                Actually I am busy. But I can give you only few minutes.
Devotees:           Have you heard of Hare Krishna mantra before?
Person:                Yes, I have. Some peoples like you always say Hare Krishna Hare Krishna and they do not eat meat.
Devotee:             Yes,
Person :               Furthermore I have heard that they don’t play gambling and furthermore no sex, isn’t it? So I don’t like them very much. I think it is too much.
Devotees:           You are partially right but not totally. Devotees avoid intoxications, illicit sex, gambling and meat eating.They are four regulative principles.
Person:                I already said that I dislike Hare Krishna in this regard. We can not do that . We have not that much time to chant Hare Krishna and we see those principles impractical. They are following and instructing for impractical things.
Devotee:             Not impractical, if it was impractical then how could we follow this path .We are following it and we don’t feel it impractical. Surely, it was something like impractical in the beginning but now it has been so easy for us. Also, we have become much happier by doing so. We feel satisfied and peace in our mind. Actually following four regulative principles is not impractical. We think it is impractical because we are in the illusion. Following four regulative principal helps us in every positive way whether it is spiritual or material life. Actually there are innumerable benefits of following four regulative principles. Following four regulative principles makes our devotion successful. Although we may be busy but it is sure that we can get some free times in spite of this. Also, we can minimize some nonsense works such as watching mundane programs on TV and so on. By doing so we certainly get time to chant Hare Krishna mahamantra. Hare Krishna is not ordinary things. It is the topmost of all valuable things. It should always be kept in mind that, to get most valuable things we have to sacrifice something and must be dedicated. But , if you can not follow all these principles , you just start chanting the Holy name of God ‘Hare Krishna Mahamantra’ , you don’t have to leave those habits but those habits of not following four regulative principles will leave you automatically.
Person:                                Hmm
Devotee:             It is fact. We should not look things outwardly but in the depth. It may be true that it is impractical in outwardly view but our dedication and sacrifice for it makes it so sweet that it becomes much more easier than in previous time. We request everyone to take this process seriously. I think you will take this process seriously. By the way, please come at our temple. Here is our location() please take it. Here are some books as well. You can take them and read .
Person:                Thank you very much. I will try my best.
Devotee:             Hare Krishna
Person:                Hare Krishna.

After reading this conversation my doubts were killed. I found point in following four regulative principles. I also knew that although it seems impractical but our small effort for following this automatically make it easier and practical. So, we have to follow those regulations regardless of our faith , culture and circumstances.


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