Basic Features of Hare Krishna mantra over other mantras

  • Hare Krishna mantra is the king of all mantras i.e. Mahamantra whereas other mantra are not Mahamantra.
  • Hare Krishna Mantra alone can benefit us as the combination of all mantras can do .
  • Hare Krishna Mantra  has base in scripture.
  • Hare Krishna Mantra can be chanted irrespective of caste, age, sex, faith & religion, time etc. whereas most of the mantras are bound to certain conditions.
  • Hare Krishna Mantra Chanting is guaranteed process whereas most of other can not be guaranted.
  • Hare Krishna Mantra  is far superior. Chanting Hare Krishna mantra means searching the place for Serving God but not asking him for serving us. A child begs for his service with his parents whereas mature person tries to  serve his parents.
  • Hare Krishna mantra is easy to chant and pronounce.
  • Hare Krishna mantra is not confined within certain sects only but it is overall process.
  • Hare Krishna mantra can directly give us eternal happiness.
  • Hare Krishna mantra  motivates us for spiritual life. In fact it is itself spiritual.
  • Hare Krishna is chanted by very advanced beings as well.
  • Hare Krishna is beneficial physically , mentally and socially as well.
  • Hare Krishna mantra alone give us the true love of God.
  • Hare Krishna mantra strengthen our devotion.
  • Hare Krishna mantra alone can bring us back home to Godhead ( back to our original home in spiritual world) whereas other can not do so.
  • Hare Krishna is not only for Hindus but it is for everyone. Wheather he is Christian or Muslim or other he can chant Hare Krishna.


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