Jagannath Rath Yatra Nepal (2011)

Jagannath Rath Yatra Nepal (2011) 

Jagannath Rath yatra organized by International Society for Krishna Consciousness of Nepal ( ISKCON-Nepal ) has successfully completed. Ratha Yatra was organized on July 06 , 2011 . Organisers said that Ratha yatra was conductd for the welfare of whole world. Ratha Yatra which was assumed to start at 10 am was started slightly late. Ratha yatra followed the route Prgya Bhawan – Ratnapark- Jamal – Putalisadak – Bhadrakaali – Basantapur. Devotees of lord Jagannath from different part of nation attained Jagannath Rath yatra festival.
Devotees were happy to pull the chariot of lord Jagannath , his brother Baladev and sister Subhadra Maharaani. In Ratha Yatra festival Swami of ISKCON, HH Mahavishnu Swami Maharaj was present . He was distributing the Jagannath Prasad ( sanctified food ) to the devotees. Ratha yatra festival was peaceful. Security persons were serious to maintain peace and security in the yatra. Media were also following Ratha yatra festival. Some devotees were offering flower from sky bridges. Hare Krishna Kritan made whole yatra very interesting.
Ratha yatra was started from Pragya Bhawan and was over at Basantapur. Program was over with the interesting stage program. Wonderful dance, Kritan and drama made it heart touchy. Class given by HH Mahavishnu Maharaj was very inspiring . He was inspiring the participants to chant the holy name of God. He was instructing to chant the name of God . At the same time he was saying that Krishna is most intimate and personal name of God whereas other names are not intimate and private since they refer to some qualities of God such as All Mighty, All powerful or other. Participants chanted Hare Krishna Mahamantra after hearing his class. Drama performed by IYF boys was good enough to show how merciful is lord Jagannath towards his devotees. Fan dance performed by IYF matajis won the heart of participant. At the same time dance performed by ISKON-Nepal matajis was also not less worthy. Kusum Barjracharya , the popular journalist and news-speaker sung a wonderful Bhajan. Bhajan was appealing participants to chant Hare Krishna. The Kritan performed by Kritaniya Sada Hari Band was also the main attraction of stage program. The program was over wonderfully.
ISKCON- Nepal organizes Ratha yatra every years. Participants number was just like that of the previous year. In the route , it was somehow disturbing traffic conditions. Small traffic jams was seen . People were enthusiastically asking for information about Ratha yatra. In overall, Jagannath Ratha Yatra completed successfully.


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