Blogging for true spirituality

Blog basically refers to the website or a part of website that includes personal opinions, views, news and so on. So, many people raise the question ‘ how can we use blog for spirituality?’. Since spirituality is basically about following the authority not the personal opinions the question raised here is appropriate. As far as it is our personal opinion then how can it be the authentic source? . It sounds contradicting in one sense but reality is not like that. Actual reality is far beyond such speculations.
Although blog contains personal opinion but personal opinions are eventually the outcome of our previous knowledge and experience. If we are associated with previous bona fide authoritive source of knowledge then all our opinions are outcome of those knoledge but not of our speculation. But if we have no connection with actual bona fide person or souce all our opinions are nothing more than just the speculation. We can not say the things just by speculating if we are true humans. Human being is considerd a moral creature. If it is moral than how can he exercise the chapter of immorality called speculation? But if we have got the opportunity to associated with bona fide distributor of knowledge then our opinions are the reflected version of that actual knowledge. It is the sum and substance of bonafide blog. For example : A university student of science can put his opinion but his opinions will be based on the education of science received from educational academy. His specualtion no longer become specualtion but the outcome of his previous knowledge of science received from that university. We will find science in his idea, opinions and in fact in his explanations. Thus our opinions are determined by our previous education and experience.
Hence , if we are connected with bona fide source our blogging also becomes bona fide otherwise not. Thus , any one who want to start blogging for true spirituality should first of all be connected with bona fide source of spirituality. Then our blog becomes spiritual. Then we can talk of God, his devotion and total surrendering process. We never talk or write anything which is against the true love of God. Our blog slowly and slowly increases curiousness for spiritual life in visitors life. Finally , they can live spiritual life. In such blogs we talk of spiritual events and processes. It make us easy to spiritualize our life. Thus , spiritual blogging is right , real and in the depth of truth. Thus, we have to start blog for spirituality as well.


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