Bodily Conception

Foundation of modern civilization is bodily conception of the life. It means modern civilization is revolving totally around body. It gives us the identity of our body, teaches us to work for body and finally die for body. This is actually deviated from traditional Vedic civilization where conception behind civilization was soul not the body.
If some one asks for our identity we immediately provide details of our name, parents, country , occupation and so on. In fact all of those details are derived by keeping our body in centre otherwise how could it be possible to say that I am from this country , this family and so on. We call a country by word ‘my’ because my body was born in the same country or for some similar reason. We say  my parent because my parents gave me my body. People use name for recognizing  the body. Not only this every aspects of modern civilization are centered around this conception of body.
Vedic civilization is just opposite of this. First word of Vedic civilization is soul not the body. That means whole Vedic civilization is eventually based on the conception of soul . Vedic civilization teaches that we are not this body but the pure soul . Soul is spiritual and it is the part and parcel of supreme whole called God. Body dies but soul never dies and God is master of whole being and we are his eternal servant. Thus we have to attain our this original position . i.e servant . We have to be hunger for serving God. It is the sum and substance of whole Vedic civilization.
In this point modern civilization based on body seems very dangerous. In this civilization nothing lasts beyond death. That means modern civilization which is based on bodily civilization teaches us for that thing which in temporary and Vedic civilization for permanent one. So , it is all upon us to decide which one is best ,bodily conception or Conception of soul?????


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