Importance of Communication

Communication is the means of association and association is the way for change in our life.
Suppose you are in friendship with someone. Your friend has become the vital part of your life. When your friend is away from you ,you feel too boring and feel as if you can not bear it any more. Without your friend you feel your life incomplete. You love your friend very much and can’t live without him/her. When your friend  is nearby you, feeling of security and love dominates you . Have you got such friend? You may have one .
Now just remember your past. You were stranger in the first visit with each other, isn’t it? Slowly and slowly you started to talk. You introduced with each other and shared your feeling . You were still feeling some difficulty with him/her and you were not caring so much , isn’t it ? And then you started to remain in contact with your  friend. You met with each other time to time and started helping each other in different ways. Slowly and slowly you become more and more familiar with each other. This continued in increasing order and finally you become very dear friend of each other, isn’t it ? Now you feel as if your friend is much more valuable than yourself in your life and you can not even imagine the situation when your friend is not with you. You love him/her more than yourself . Now you think everytime of your friend and share your emotion with each other. Am I right?  If so, are you ready to analyze it in the depth. What is the most important things responsible for this? Would it be possible if you had not talked with your friend in your first visit? Or Would it be possible if you had started not to be in each others contact ? Would it ever be possible?  No, it is not possible. Did you get point. Isn’t it the  result of your communication?  You met, talked with each other, introduced each other, remained in contact through different means and strengthen your network. Isn’t it communication? Yes, it is communication. Actually communication is responsible for this friendship. It  is the importance of communication.

Communication is most important part of our life. We can not be successful in any field without communication. Either it is education or health or other field, communication is the basic requirement for its development. Without communication we can not progress in any field. For promoting our business we need communication and for strengthening our relationship we need communication. In fact communication has vital role in our daily life.
 Importance of communication in spiritual life
Not only in the material life communication has the great importance even in the spiritual life. We have to be under the association of devotees for strengthening our devotion for God. To have such association we need communication. We have to have good communication for planning service for God. From daily spiritual schedule to the special programs, importance of communication is top rated . It is said in the scriptures that association of devotees is a must for promoting our devotional  life. At the same we have to remember God always for devotion. We have to chant his name regularly. It is called the communication with God. Without chanting the name of God we can not get his association. To chant his names means the communication with him via his holy name . It is spiritual communication. Also, proper guidance of bona  fide spiritual master is needed for strengthening our devotional life and effective communication is required for this. We have to be in the contact of spiritual master, other devotees and God via different means . This mean is called spiritual communication. Thus,communication is equally important even in the spiritual life.

We can now realize how important is communication in our life. Without communication no progress is possible . Thus we have to give top priority for communication. We should always be careful to use communication service in proper ways to get only benefits. We have to develop communication service effectively.



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