Facebook and Spiritual life

Facebook and Spiritual life : Can facebook be used spiritually?

As far as the word ‘face’ comes we understand the the front part of the head, from the forehead to the chin. That means it is the part of our material body. If it is the part of our material life how can it be related with spiritual life? I was wondering .
I am the aspirant for spiritual life. I want to live life spiritually. At the same time I have facebook account. I already have a facebook account.Faces in facebook are material ones . It gave me a shock. I was questioning myself. I started to think whether to give up facebook or not. Nearly I left the facebook but I was still unsatisfied. A question arised ‘ should I leave everythings where and in whom I find material face? Another question immediatedly followed this question and asked , should I leave my father and mother too because they have material face? Sequences of questions injured my thoughts but I got strength from those thought and turn myself to Bhagavad-Gita ( the most important spiritual book). I was reading it. Arjuna was declining to fight and Krishna was advising him to fight. God, himself was saying that Arjun Should fight in the battlefield. It was sounding odd originally. I go on reading and Krishna was advicing to use every material things for the sake of him. Krishna was instructing that Arjun should eat but by offering food to him first, he should fight by everytime remembering him, perform duty by offering results to him and so on. With the passage of time , I was diving more and more inside the depth of Bhagavad-Gita.  Originally I used my mind too much but finally as Arjun did , I also started to accept what Krishna says. I was myself surrendering upon Krishna . I was just relying myself upon him. My life got a new meaning . I was convinced that what Krishna says should be true not at 99% but 100%.
With the sword of knowledge gained from Bhagavad-Gita , I was shaping the concept of rejecting facebook from my mind . Every time I tried to decide to avoid and leave facebook. Bhagavad-Gita didn’t let  me so. It told that why to leave it and why not to use it for the sake of Krishna (the supreme personality of Godhead)? I got satisfying answer for my hungry question at this point. I was convinced that facebook  can be spiritualized. If not whole , own facebook account and other related or connected accounts can be spiritualized. We can talk of Krishna, we can think of Krishna, we can share spiritual photas of lord and his devotees, we can plan for upcoming spiritual events and so on.  I got that any material things when offered to Krishna not longer becomes material on but immediately becomes spiritual. If so, it should be applicable with world’s largest social network ‘facebook’ too. We can further pray that such largest network to be devotee’s network. We can use facebook for devotional purpose and devotees association.
But in the name of this, we should not be addicted . We should be careful not to be addicted. We should manage time properly. We should not use it unnecessarily. We should be too careful  for not viewing non-sense photos and so on. In these way we can use facebook for spiritual purpose.  Please , use your facebook  accounts for spiritual purposes as well…….


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