Money : The common problem of all

"Money : The common problem of all"
Problem is money and money makes problem. Agree?????
No one can deny this fact that everyone is running after money in this world. Money has been felt as the greatest necessity of the world. Every things which has been happening in this world has connection with money in some ways. Actually whether one cries or laughs, makes friendship or war, works or sits or whatever happens the main reason has always been   ’money’. 'Money' is felt as if it is the action creator or it is the root of the everything. At the same time everyone of us have been feeling problem in various ways. Our life is becoming more and more complicated day by day.
Have you ever been out for searching  job? You may have done so and how was your experience? How did you know about that job? Did you take the help of advertisement published in the newspaper or your friend told about it. No matter how you knew but did you get what you had expected? Did you or not? May be , advertisement was announcing more salary than average and you had even started to dream about your golden future. Am I wrong?  I think it holds true for 99 percents of job seekers but unfortunately their dream never becomes the reality. They dream for earning MONEY and they always run after it but never earn sufficient money. Why? It is because you walked after that advertisement which was 'easy word for speaking but difficult way for  earning'. Eventually you never earned money and so you got more and more frustrated . Not only someone but entire population is running after money but only few have been successful.

Money is required for everyone. So ,everyone is running after money. Money has become the most important part of our life. From basic to standard requirements of the life are finally based upon money. For example food is needed for eating and to buy food money is required; clothes are required to wear and to get clothes money is required. Similarly , we have to have house for living and to build a house money is required  or to have rented room money is required. Not only this, for education , health and so on money is the basic requirement . Without money we can not gain education nor we get health facility . Nowadays we have to pay money for walking as well . We have been feeling as if tax has to be paid for walking in the public road. We have to buy water to drink as well. Not only this we have to buy fresh air for breathing with money. In fact without money no thing can be done. This world has been more and more money-centric day by day and it has been creating more and more problem.  Nowadays money has been best praised. Money has been so much powerful that money can create greatest obligation . Someone has become criminal for money and  someone has become prostitute for money. Most of our actions are eventually directed for money. Whether we are studying or making business, whether we are in government service or non government service or any thing else our mind is always centered for earning money. This has been giving more and more trouble for us. Thus problem has been more and more severe. We can finally realize that what we have been facing the most is the Problem with money.
Does Money really hampers spiritual life too?
Despite of all of those above facts , money does not hampers spiritual life when thought in depth. Devotion upon supreme lord is not connected with money  in reality . Supreme lord is not behind money but behind devotee’s true love .He only sees how much we are surrendered . So, money does not hampers our devotion in reality.
But in outwardly view, our spiritual life is fully dependent upon money. Whether we establish temple or perform some rituals ( Yagya) , money is central need. Whether we buy spiritual books or spiritual items , money is needed. We have to go to different places for preaching and for doing so money is needed. Despite of our deep interest for attaining some spiritual programmes we can not do so because of lack of money. Then how is our spiritual life not dependant upon money? It is the question arised in everyone’s heart. In this sense our spiritual life is also dependent upon money.
Anyway, money has been central idea in the entire world. World is behind it. Condition of anyone has direct relation with money. The person with more money becomes powerful and other pitiful. So, voices have been heard nowadays that this money-centric world should be turned to money-less world. It implies that there will be no  effect of money in our life but our life entirely depends upon our true labor. 


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