Be careful with modernism!

Be careful with modernism!!!

Do you love modernism? I love and you may also love but be careful with modernism. Modernism can be fatal for you if you can not properly handle it. Modernism is very dangerous as most of the peoples have become victim of its bad effect and their life has been ruined.
Again be careful that modernism is not harmful always. In fact modernism helps us in many ways but in the name of modernism if we step forward without any precautions it is very dangerous. Modern civilization is misdirected in many place and in many way. It is seen that modern civilization finally shows the water of mirage and we waste our life behind it. Modern civilization teaches for outer decoration but not the inner one. It teaches bodily civilization. Nowadays scientists have forwarded anti-material world concept forward. It there exists opposite of everything for balance such as electron exists where proton exists . Similarly there should exist anti- material world too. That world is called spiritual world in scriptures. Modern civilization teaches only about material world i.e bodily atmosphere. It gives our bodily identification and demarcation. If we go forward by filling our mind with this concept it is sure for us to disappear in this dangerous desert of material existence called the water of mirage. Thus we have to be careful with modernism in many places. Some of the risky concepts of modern civilization in comparision to Vedic one are presented here for clarity:-
Modern Civilization : We are body. Our identification is our body. Based on appearance and presence of body we get identification such as name , country , caste and so on. We have to use our senses maximum for getting pleasure. We are master.
Vedic Civilization: We are not this body . We are pure spirit soul . We are part and parcel of Supreme soul called God. We have to reattain our original nature for getting true happiness. We have to go back home to Godhead for getting true happiness just like fish should go back to water to get true happiness. This is possible only when we exercise the process of devotion toward supreme lord.We are servant not master by nature.
This is basic difference in between modern and vedic civilization . Modern civilization has been directed for bodily happiness whereas Vedic civilization for spiritual happiness. We have to be careful here that bodily happiness meets in destruction but spiritual happiness never meets in destruction since body dies one day but soul never dies. This is the basic thing to know and we have to go ahead. We can use every modern things for gaining spiritual benefits as well. Otherwise , our effort goes in vain. Otherwise modern civilization cheats us and eventually ruins our life.


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