Walking on own foot is safest

Our fundamental mistake is that we never get satisfied with what we have. God has given us two legs to walk on but being unsatisfied with our legs we ride on bicycle , motorcycle , car, bus , plane etc. Although riding on those vehicles makes our journey fast but it is too much risky. Numerous accidents are proof for this. We are actually inviting risks and death near us by choosing vehicles  but not our safest foot. Similar happens in each and every aspects of our life. We don’t give care in our basic boon but search for another one which is not with us.
What are we lacking ? In one sense nothing . God has given us everything needed . We have nice body and nice parts. We are provided with everything needed to sustain our life. But we never realize so and search for the water of mirage. It is our fundamental illusion  and misconception. We get unsatisfied with our village and try to migrate in towns, we get unsatisfied with our old friends and search for new one. Similarly we get unsatisfied with our property and search for more. We never become satisfied with what god has given us . It is just like riding on vehicles by not trusting our own feet. While doing so we forget the basic thing that walking on own foot is safer than riding on others i.e vehicles. Just like riding on vehicles is risky and it increases probability of accidents. Similarly , misunderstanding our natural strength and searching for else is also risky from many angle.
God has given us everything needed for realizing him and spiritualizing our life but we try to manufacture own methods. We don’t accept the simple way for self-realization and try other ways out of our imagination. We just imagine something , meditate and so on. It means that if we do not accept the simple prescription for self realization given in the scriptures and  manufacture different way it will be risky .Following prescription of scripture means chanting the name of God and other processes are not prescribed for this age. Following this prescription is like walking on our own foot and other manufactured processes like walking on others.


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