More problems means more luck

We are searching for happiness but result we get is pain but not happiness. We get pains due to various problems. Problems arise continuously one after another and pains follow similarly. Sometimes multiple problems haunt us and so does pain. When more problems haunt us our life becomes more painful and we see no points in living. We feel ourselves to be most unlucky person of the entire creation but reality is not like that. Although it may contradict your previously occupied concepts in mind but it is the fact that if we get more problems we become luckier. But, how? How can more problems refer more luck in our life? Questions may arise. For this question there is answer too. It is presented here.
When we face more problems we become frustrated with our present life. Present life means our life that is based on temporary existence. It means that everything that is in our life presently will go away from us in due course of time. Our property may be stolen or taken away by someone one day for some reason, our relatives will behave us like enemy one day, our will lose our friends and lovers. Moreover we will loss our body one day whom we think is our sole identity. It will die. That means common things in all problems are ‘Fear of Lose’.  Even if we get happiness we fear to loss it (happiness) one day because we know that our happiness is not going to last forever. This fear of loss is the first problem as well as pain. Sometimes we get the things of our choice due to our hard exercise and practice and we begin to feel happiness but eventually we find ourselves cheated. That happiness in another way starts to make our life problematic. This is bitter truth.
In these ways we feel frustrated with the life. Frustration from present life is the first step for entering into new life. If we properly utilize this transitional stage our life can be spiritualized. For example if we face economic problems we start to pray God for saving us from worst economy; if we become sick we can cry with God and pray God for healthy life and so on. We can feel true spirituality and love of God. More we feel the love of God our life becomes more auspicious. Problems eventually open the door for Godly life in our life. Such opportunity is not available for one who gets more happiness in material life. Thus those people who feel more problems in material life have more chance to enter into spiritual world. More they can feel the love for God. To feel God’s love and love for God is the rarest chance of all. The person who can get such opportunity is rarely found. He can then feel eternal happiness. In this final stage we don’t fear to loss because we know that anything related with God is not the subject of destruction. In this way we enter to soul conception from bodily conception of life. Once we do so we get ever lasting peace and happiness. Thus it is the highest form of luck that is ever possible. So, more problems in our present life means more lucky we are.


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