Internet and Spirituality

Internet and Spirituality
Are Internet and Spirituality interrelated? What is the relation between Internet and Spirituality? Does internet promote or hampers spirituality? How can we use internet for promoting spirituality? These are some of the top rated question that arise in the mind of people who want to use internet and at the same time practices spirituality. Those questions are really nice because internet can be both useful and harmful for our spirituality. It depends upon our use. If we properly use internet it can promote our spiritual progress and if we misuse it , internet surely ruins our spiritual life i.e devotional life.
Hare are some questions for you. 1. Do you use internet for visiting spiritual site? 2. How often you visit spiritual sites while you use internet? Do you use internet for getting devotees association? Do you use it for getting spiritual updates? Do you use internet for chatting with devotees? Do you use internet for getting spiritual images and videos?  >>>> If affirmative you are for all of these questions then it is sure to help your spirituality . If your answer if ‘yes’ for these questions , use of internet will surely promote your spiritual and devotional life. If not , it will hamper your spiritual life. There is more chance that people use internet for viewing bad pictures and videos. At the same time some one may discourage you from practicing spirituality. In such cases internet will really a source of virus for infecting your spiritual life. Eventually your spiritual life may come to and end and you will be degraded.
Thus , everybody should be too much careful regarding the use of internet. We have to use internet for promoting our devotional life but not  degrading. We have to use internet for getting spiritual associations and spiritual  purposes but not for viewing non-sense images, videos and information.


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